26 Dec 19 11:52 PM
  • Fixed an issue with remaining Play Points message when purchasing items.
  • Players will now always receive their fresh dungeon talisman regardless of dungeon mode.
  • Fixed an issue with the Artifact Weapon not working properly if it was delivered to the inbox from the quest chest.
  • Added more training spots.
  • Fixed an issue with Alchemy skill progressing at the same rate regardless of elixir count chosen in the brewing window.
  • Added a partial fix for Alchemy issue when players are carrying more than 255 of an ingredient, a proper fix will be released at a later date.
  • A number of features that charge Cyntara Coins will now deduce the coins from account balance in addition to inventory (similar to how gold works).
  • Added player hit record tracker. This feature will track player damage and healing records, in pvp vs pve situations, as well as crit vs non-crit. You can use the !records command to display your current records.
  • Healing potions and runes will now display proper messages in the Combat Log.
  • Healing potions, runes and spells can now critically strike.
  • Tony Bloodhunter will now respond to "task" in addition to "prey".
  • Fixed an issue with Minotaur Cult prey task not working properly.
  • T1 melee weapons can now be purchased from the Weapon Smith.
  • Reduced the prices of loot, raids and skills boosts.
  • Updated the new spells notifications when advancing in levels.
  • Added color variants to the !backpack command.
  • Players can now enter Cyntara's Lair one at a time.
  • Increased the speed of Blighted Ruins monsters.
  • Weapon Upgrader Crystals will now ignore player level requirement for players that rebirthed.
  • Added Morgaroth and Zoralurk raids to the Mind Flayer levers.
  • Added Morgaroth and Zoralurk raids to the Puppet Master divination card.

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