01 Feb 20 10:47 AM
  • Updated a number of quests to better reflect their state in the Quest Log.
  • Replaced the Inquisition quest with the vanilla version of the quest.
  • Reenabled the Convince Creature rune.
  • Updated the Gaz'haragoth raid.
  • Using spellbooks and !spells command will now send the new spellbook window.
  • Fixed an issue where dungeon mod effects could carry over between two consecutive dungeon sessions under rare circumstances.
  • Increased the frequency of Healing Totem's healing.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't enter the Tower Defense event even without items.
  • Taming a Black Sheep using the Music Box will now properly grant the First Herder Addon.
  • Added inactivity timeout to Enchantment Crystal Combiner and Chisel Stack stations. Players will now be teleported out if they stay AFK at the stations (any items placed on the counters will be sent to the inbox).
  • Added !time command that displays the current server time.
  • Fixed an issue where damage wouldn't break mana shield properly under some circumstances.
  • Jinx and Culex are now back from their vacation.
  • Removed the Catacombs prey task. The task was defunct due to shared creatures with the Primordial Prison prey task. The Dark Lurkers have been moved to the Primordial Prison prey task so that the task can be completed in both spawns.
  • Adjusted Recovery and Intense Recovery spells.
    • The spells can no longer be stacked.
    • Adjusted the cooldowns so that the spells can be alternated between with an overlap.
    • Adjusted the mana requirement of both spells.

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