25 Mar 20 06:17 PM
  • Fixed an issue with the Healing Totem not working as intended sometimes.
  • Fixed an issue with some on death achievements not working properly if a player logged out while a monster was still alive.
  • Added more descriptive error messages to store unlockables.
  • Added the following quests to the Quest Log: Mine Cart Carnage, Last Creep Standing, Cookson Survival, All-Around, Beastslayer Arena, Trial of Fire, HotA, Full HotA, Fury Gate, Forgotten Spell, Initiation, Four Swords, Otherworld, Pits of Inferno, Dark Knight of Vanda, Dojo, Graveyard of Heroes and Ferumbras Tower.
  • The Wise Man will now accept all Medicine Pouches just like Ottokar instead of one by one.
  • Fixed an issue with the First Ceremonial Garb addon requiring wrong items.
  • Fixed an issue with the Gaz'Haragoth Doll not working properly when equipped.
  • Removed Behemoths from the medium Prey Task, they were added twice, once in medium and once in the hard tier while intended to be only in the hard tier.
  • Fixed a corner case where the !afk command could break.
  • Lowered the damage of Exori Gran Ico spell in PvP.

  • Added missing Prey tiers to the task tracker.
  • Search boxes will now automatically be focused when a window that supports search functionality is shown.
  • Chat input will no longer be cleared when changing between chat modes.
  • Spawn guides now contain rebirth information.
  • Spell casting from auto functions will now ignore level requirements for rebirthed characters.
  • The Ignore List will now automatically enable when adding a first entry from the player context menu.

Mal Mal
25 Mar 20 08:57 PM
You broke it lol

25 Mar 20 09:00 PM
What happens when you try to login/download? Also you can just download the new client from the website.

Mal Mal
25 Mar 20 09:06 PM
it updates again then says it needs to be closed and re-opened. when you re-open it goes through the same cycle again

25 Mar 20 09:09 PM
Alright, you can get a client that should work from https://cyntara.org/library/downloads, also can you keep the folder with the currently broken version that gets stuck in the update loop? I'd like to see the log file.

Mal Mal
25 Mar 20 09:13 PM
Yes I will

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