09 May 20 04:12 PM
  • Reworked how player resistances are handled, due to a number of issues that interacted with each other, players were able to achieve higher resistances in PvE than intended, or even a total invincibility, this has now been fixed (World Ender says hi!), the new rules for resistances are as follows:
    • Players can only achieve baseline resistance according to their PvE/PvP resistance cap.
    • Players will be able to exceed their natural resistance cap with Alchemy elixirs and necklaces/rings with charges.
    • Players will no longer benefit from being exempt from resistance caps when necklaces/rings with charges aren't in their target slots.
    • Players will no longer benefit from excess resistances from enchantments/base items when their necklaces/rings with charges are checked first.
    • Players will no longer skip a hard cap of 95% resistance when using necklaces/rings with charges.
  • Adjusted the area between Magic Shopkeeper and Banker Wreckx in the temple.
  • Adjusted the Cyntara Castle mini quest:
    • The Cyntara King and Queen stats have been adjusted; experience has been adjusted to fit their level range and difficulty based on other bosses of their caliber.
    • Added a level 600 requirement to the spawn portal.
  • Removed the Behemoth from the Cyclops spawn that could be reached without passing through the Gate of Expertise.
  • Decreased the number of Dragons and Dragon Lords in the Dragon's Den quest in favor of hatchlings to closer match the quest level difficulty.
  • Adjusted the monsters that spawn in the Pillow Puzzle quest to closer match the quest level difficulty.
  • Adjusted the Mortal Kombat quest:
    • Adjusted the experience multiplier for completing the quest.
    • Bosses in the arena are no longer subject to stat dampening as the quest has a fixed difficulty.
  • Fixed an issue where players could receive Ferumbras' amulet without killing him.
  • Fixed an issue where players that killed a summoned Ferumbras in events would become eligible to receive Ferumbras' amulet.
  • Training tiles will now make players automatically cast the Mana Burn ("exevo vita") spell on an interval.
  • Fixed an issue with the Cursed Ruins daily chest not working properly.
  • Updated a few item names.
  • Removed tools from the Loot Trader sell list.
  • The Easter Bunny has gone on a vacation.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the client to desync when swapping inventory inside of events.

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