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06 Jul 20 08:03 PM
  • Removed the experience and loot rate adjustments for using auto healer, sio healer and targeting. Instead, all of the rate adjustments have been shifted to auto walker, that is players that are playing manually or with little assistance from healer/targeting will no longer be penalized whereas people botting full AFK will still receive the same penalty as before.
  • Disabling auto walker will no longer immediately return the experience and loot rate to the default value, instead there is now a 60 second cooldown before considering the walker inactive.
  • Added the colorable Elf and Dwarf outfits to the store.
  • Added the Revenant outfit. The first addon can be earned by defeating Amirada and the second by defeating the World Ender.
  • Added a "Sell-All Tool" to the store. The tool can be used on any container to sell all items contained within at once while in protection zone. The tool has a short few second cooldown and can be used indefinitely.
  • Fixed an issue with players losing their Amirada experience bonus when relogging within 2 hours of defeating Amirada.
  • Added Movement Speed bonus to Amethyst Palladium Boots and Demolisher's Boots.
  • Fixed an issue with the Cursed Beasts inside of the Fay Peak dungeon having a much larger health pool than intended.
  • Adjusted the formula that calculates the raid chance based on player count to account for the increased server population.
  • Removed item loss when dying to monster with one-hit K.O. mechanics (such as Death and Sheep with Swine Flu).
  • Fixed an issue where rebirthed players would keep their old maximum health and mana until they relogged.
  • Added Frag Remover to the store and Dungeon Token Trader.
  • Lowered the price for Boss Discovery Scroll from 500 to 250.
  • Lowered the price for Reroll and Extend Boosted Creatures to 100.
  • Moved Certificate of Name Change and Minor Crystalline Token offers from General to Consumables.
  • Added support for Frag Session within the bounds of main Cyntara City.
  • Limited Tier Set Upgrade Token drops to one character per player.
  • Limited Reward Chest drops to one character per player.
  • Updated the Stargazer Divinantion Card to have a chance to drop Starbringer Legs.
  • Added two new Divinantion Cards, the Monolith which drops Kyanite items and the Holy Templar which drops High Noble items.
  • Players above PvP level can now walk through players below PvP level outside of protection zone, likewise it applies the other way around.
  • Removed experience points from Amirada and the World Ender.
  • Rebirthed players can now enter Amirada and the World Ender at level 500 instead of 800.
  • Fixed an issue where certain duplicate charms could end up in the charms containers.
  • Fixed an issue with the Infected event not working properly when selecting a random zombie.
  • Fixed an issue with Warzone boss portals when throwing items on the portal fields.
  • Added guaranteed Scarab Coins drop to Ancient Scarabs task boss.
  • Fixed an issue with Crystal Dragons using wrong outfits with Outfit Effects disabled.
  • Fixed promotion requirements for certain tier set gear.
  • Added retro spell animation effects to a few weapon types.
  • Fixed an issue with T6 and T7 Artifact Infusion not having a quest prerequisite.
  • Fixed an issue with Tier Set Token being awarded for one Level 25 dungeon instead of 15.
  • Mirage Archer's damage source is now set to the player summoning the Mirage Archer. The Mirage Archer will no longer be leeching the experience points.
  • Auto targeting, walker and scripts are now disabled inside the Mortal Kombat arena.
  • Added anti-push tiles to the casino to prevent players from being pushed out when talking to the NPCs.
  • Fixed an issue with some trigger Power Runes not working as intended.
  • Improved Recovery Key warning message.
  • Added /gc, /bg, !gc, and !bg aliases for guild broadcast command.
  • Fixed corpses of were-creatures.
  • Fixed an potential issue with the Last Creep Standing quest carrying over a timeout from previous battles.
  • Further balanced the health/experience ratio for a number of level 500+ spawns.
  • Replaced player ban at 25 unjustified frags with black skull.

  • Improved targeting distance kiting, the bot will be now much smarter when running away from monsters.
  • Improved targeting target priority selection to prioritize lower health targets over closest targets.
  • Added Ladder waypoint type.
  • Fixed item drag preview not taking item stacks and fluid containers into account.
  • Fixed item throw effects not taking item stacks and fluid containers into account.
  • The targeting entries will now display either Rune ID or Spells in the second row of the widget list.
  • Added Cyntara Coin transfers to the store history.
  • Updated auto functions to prioritize healer over sio healer.
  • Updated the walker export code format to not collide with symbols used by script waypoints.
  • Fixed an issue with PM alarm not working properly.
  • The dash option will now be enabled by default.
  • Fixed a window flicker issue when selecting offers from the store.
  • Added newest spell animations.

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