11 Oct 20 04:54 PM
  • Reverted the experimental life and mana leech changes from the previous patch.
    • Dev note: We still want to look into making leech a viable source of regenerating health/mana but we still want the feature to feel worthwhile to players. This is something we may address during v13-s2.
  • Fixed an issue where the temple tile was resetting player's hp/mana to its base max value rather than its effective max value.
  • Reworked how the Demon Oak quest handles players Hallowed Axe.
    • The quest will attempt to remove 1 Hallowed Axe from the player instead of all Hallowed Axes.
    • The quest will not reward players with completion if they drop or trade or otherwise dispose of their Hallowed Axe when attempting to leave; this forces the player to turn in the Hallowed Axe only once the quest is complete.
  • Experiemental: Stamina Rework:
    • Max stamina increased from 42 hours to 44 hours.
    • Increased bonus stamina hours from 2 to 4.
    • Decreased the 50% exp + no loot nerf stamina from the last 14 hours of stamina to the last 6 hours of stamina.
    • Decreased regular stamina regeneration time from 180 seconds to 120 seconds offline.
    • Adjusted training tile stamina regeneration rate to reflect the above change.
    • Stamina Refiller changes:
      • Decreased the cooldown from 48 hours to 20 hours.
      • Stamina received above 40 hours will regenerate at a 1:5 ratio instead of 1:0 (removing the cap).


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