08 Jan 21 04:34 PM
Posting on the discord might not be the most efficient way to create suggestions, so I am going to add them here and maintain a single suggestion thread for my own suggestions.

1. Event notification in Auto Functions -> Alarms
Adding a "window ping for events" alert is useful for players who's attention might be on another screen, or they are playing passively standing in their depot, house, or on a training tile.

2. Skill tasks, or a daily complete task for skill
As a general concept, I like this idea. Though it could be implemented poorly and feel like a chore, I feel like adding skill rewards is a nice way to offset the skill loss you get from dying, and it just generally feels nice to acquire skill. Importantly, this is especially useful for players who focus primarily on PVP where they could be suffering a number of deaths in a short amount of time, or for players who are too busy leveling / completing content to train.

3. Rework / Nerf the Banshee Queen (500)
Small suggestion, but I have noticed this to be a common complaint among new players and I have encountered this myself this era and last era (RP and EK respectively) in that the quest is basically unsoloable for EK and RP, as someone later pointed it to me the Queen takes 1000% dmg from certain elements, and I have not made a new level 500 character to test it out specifically, but I have encountered this myself, and have heard from new players that the Queen is unkillable for an appropriately geared level 500 character. I am not certain exactly if it's possible if you min-max it or use the correct elements, but I do believe it is an unnecessary obstacle in what I would describe as arguably the first early milestone of your progression (500). I think it should be nerfed, or reworked to be more skill intensive and less of a stat-check.

4. Differentiating characters of the same class
Something I have noticed in this OT is that the ideal character for every vocation is the same, there is an (arguably) ideal set of enchants, set of gear, and rotation, and beyond outfits and cosmetics you mostly are just following a linear progression of gear acquisition, and the largest difference between you and the other members of your vocation is how far along the linear progression you are. For example, I am not saying that using the "melee" skill instead of axe fighting is a less optimal system, but it does limit an already limited set of options that a player has to set themselves apart from the other like-leveled and like-geared players of their vocation. The best argument against this is enchants, but forgoing a single crit enchant for some movespeed is a sort of micro change for something that feels better on a macro level.

There are a lot of ways that this could be tackled. For example:
1. Ability choices, perhaps creating a system of abilities that have some sort of opportunity cost. For example, making an EK choose between Fortitude or Brambles. Or you could do something with mages choosing their waves, or picking a single utility spell, the possibilities are pretty endless.

2. Gear choices, maybe add a ring enchant that you can only use based on certain criteria like a quest completion, maybe you can select one of two or more ring enchants but you cannot choose the other, regardless, the point is to add opportunity cost.
3. Faction choices, in-progress
4. Talents, in-progress
5. Sub-classes, in-progress
6. …

I will flesh out the rest of this document as time goes on, this is all I feel like writing for now

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