Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 25th Jun (2021)
25 Jun 21 01:33 PM
  • Increased exp stages.
  • Fixed an issue where the task system was not awarding players with experience points if they were below a certain level.
  • Fixed an issue where Boosted Creatures was re-rolling too quickly.
  • Fixed a number of inconsistencies between equipment level and the level typically required to obtain the piece of equipment.
  • Increased the experience gained from a number of boss monsters.
  • Fixed an issue where the Illusionist Quest reward did not have the proper stats applied to it.
  • Fixed an issue where Cursed Charms were not applying some stats in certain circumstances.
  • Decreased the level requirement for a number of raids so that they will begin sooner in the season.
  • Fixed an issue in the Dungeon system where boss position was not being stored properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Beastslayer Arena was not sending players to the next stage properly.
  • Adjusted the experience gained in Dungeons; lower level teams will earn less experience where higher level teams will earn more experience. This value is still dependent on a number of factors regarding the Dungeon's difficulty and team performance.
  • Decreased the level requirement for a number of spells that made early gameplay feel bad for some vocations.
  • Fixed an issue where skill buffs were not sending to the skills window properly when certain items were equipped.
  • Fixed an issue where event lobbies could get "stuck" without running under specific circumstances.
  • Decreased the damage of the Djinn task bosses.
  • Moved the Pirate Task boss portal to a location that is easier to find, on ground level, that does not have an equipment requirement for entry.
  • Added new advance feature notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where Charm stats would stack when leveling up.
  • Updated the information on Cyntara auto announcements and Cyntara chat auto-help messages.
  • Decreased the level requirement to purchase a house from level 750 to level 400.
  • Decreased the PvP level from 300 to 250.
  • Fixed a crash issue (June 20, 2021).
  • Penny will now post new Item Market offers to Discord.
  • Penny will now send emoji to Discord messages.
  • Fixed an issue with the glowing switch in the Cyntara Zone not working under certain conditions.
  • Fixed an issue with the Dungeon system where path blocks could be prevented from spawning due to monster positions.
  • Improved the Deaths channel messages format.
  • Decreased the maximum Item Market search result limit.
  • Fixed an issue with the server restarter to address an issue where it was failing to save the server state in the event of a crash.
  • Updated a few outdated item descriptions.
  • Removed the Red Ring from Daily Reward "Goodies".
  • Adjusted the hitpoints / experience to a number of monsters based on server data.
  • Fixed an issue where raids data would remain outdated under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with the Cosmic Reaver's loot where it would not drop items.
  • Fixed an issue where Ring Crafting could craft a ring without and prefixes or suffixes.
  • Added Boss Frames to Task Bosses and Beastslayer Arena Bosses.
  • Fixed an issue with the low level PK protection frag penalty not working properly.
  • Fixed some common typos.
  • Fixed an issue with Quivers not granting their enchantment stats.
  • Adjusted damage scaling to Wands/Rods:
    • Fixed an issue where the old base damage was not updated.
    • Compared to last season: wand/rod damage will be lower if the player is below the level required to wield the wand/rod (this only occurs in the event of store purchased items)
    • Compared to last season: wand/rod damage will be higher if the player is above the level required to wield the wand/rod.
    • Compared to the first few days of this season: wand/rod damage is lower all-around. Mages were not meant to hit 4k in PvP at level 300.
  • Adjusted damage scaling to spell damage:
    • Spell damage is now less dependent on skills and more dependent on level.
    • The overall adjustment results in lower damage at lower levels despite high skill level and higher damage at high levels from last season.

  • Removed the rebirths from the top players panel, player view and highscores.
  • Added Dungeon Score to the highscores.
  • Fixed an error when updating guild message of the day with a too long text, it will now be truncated instead.

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