Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 29th Jul (2021)
29 Jul 21 12:48 PM
  • Task changes:
    • Changed the maximum task rank from 100 to 300.
    • Tasks of level 500+ will now reward players with Prey Points (1 at Task Rank 100, 2 at Task Rank 200, 3 at Task Rank 300).
    • Task monsters now have a chance to drop additional Monster Essences based on Task Rank.
    • The task boss portals inside of spawns are now green to differentiate between task boss portals and other portals.
    • Task Rank 200 and 300 now unlock decoration items for sale at the Task Master (colored blood herbs, colored books, carpets and rugs).
    • Added new tasks for the following spawns: Dragon Hatchlings, Water Elementals, Dragons, Elementalists, Servant Golems, Bog Raiders, Frost Dragons, Heroes, Nightmares, Holy Bishops, Behemoths, Serpent Spawns, Eskimos, Wisps, White Knights, Vampires, Warlocks, Ghastly Dragons, Mutated Toads, Lancer Beetles, Drillworms, Crystal Spiders, Nightmayers, Demi Liches, Undead Dragons, Mind Flayers, Demonborn Valley and Primordial Grounds.
  • Spawn adjustments:
    • Adjusted experience for spawns level 500+.
    • Increased the spawn density of the following spawns: Wisps, Werewolves, White Knights, Golems, Demon Sprouts, Wyrms, Warlocks, Grim Reapers, Mutated Toads, Lancer Beetles, Crystal Spiders, Demi Liches, Forbidden Temple, Blighted Grotto and Nightmare Ruins.
    • Infernal Battlemage (Male) will no longer run away at low health.
    • Infernal Battlemage (Female) will no longer use Invisibility.
  • Weekly Quest changes:
    • Increased the required quest values.
    • Increased the experience reward; this now scales with player level.
    • Certain Weekly Quests now scale the required monster/quest level with the player level.
    • Added Play Points reward.
    • Added Ring Craft Scroll reward.
    • Added Tier Set Upgrade Token reward.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause certain summoned monsters to count towards Weekly Quest kill credits.
    • Improved Lucia's dialogues.
  • Adjusted Empowered Monsters experience:
    • Players will now gain 2x monster experience if the monster is Empowered, 4x monster experience if the monster is Infused.
    • Experience gained will now consider player's experience stage.
    • Fixed an issue where experience was being granted twice if the player was the last hit killer and the most damage dealer.
  • Fixed an issue with Mirage Archer not using its AoE spell.
  • Added Mirror Image Artifact Spell for mages that functions in similar way to Mirage Archer. The damage type is based off the wand damage type.
  • Added missing message for Ring Craft Scroll in Daily Quest Chests.
  • Fixed an issue with some Ring Crafting stats not appearing on crafted rings.
  • Added Lady Bug back to the game as a silent raid.
  • Namtar raid will now be announced to Discord.
  • Frag Remover can no longer be used while in PvP combat.
  • Add Cursed Stamina Refiller to the store.
  • Lowered Tier Set Upgrade Token level requirement from level 1000 to level 800.
  • Adjusted charm bag slot reward breakpoints from levels 1000, 1200, 1400 and 1600 to levels 800, 1050, 1300 and 1550.
  • Re-added Fire Devils spawn quest.
  • Fixed the Explosive Mine (Dungeon Explosive Mod) spawn chance.
  • Adjusted boss stat buff thresholds.

  • Fixed Mirage Archer auto buff cast.
  • Improved the Tier Set Upgrade Token window.
  • Fixed market pagination not working properly under certain circumstances.
  • Added "Sort Order" dropdown to the market window.
  • Added "History" section to the market window (the history will only start being tracked from this patch onwards).
  • The Outfit Changer window will now copy the current outfit's colors for outfits that support colors.
  • Custom files in the data folder will now always be overridden on client startup.
  • Fixed an issue with the death recap damage breakdown not working properly.
  • Added daily reward status to the character list.
  • The chat messages will now display staff rank instead of level for staff characters.

29 Jul 21 01:07 PM
That's a lot of work! Thanks for the patch, and keep it up <3

29 Jul 21 01:19 PM
Thank you for the hard work

Winter Soldier
29 Jul 21 01:41 PM
! nice job like always

im the only one ! , el unico

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