Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 20th Aug (2021)
20 Aug 21 09:03 PM
  • Non-PvP characters can no longer push PvP characters outside of Protection Zone.
  • Fixed the first stage of the Entropy Disruptor's Memory Game ability triggering at 100% health instead of 80%.
  • The Sell-All Tool will no longer sell creature products.
  • The Reward Chest will now properly grant gold rewards if a boss only has a rare loot table.
  • Adjusted the boss scaling of the Ultimate Challenges bosses.
  • Moved the Son of the Sun raid to a new location under the Cyntara King's castle.
  • Tier Set Upgrade Token rewards from the dungeon weekly will now be delivered to the inbox if the players cannot receive the token.
  • The Shaper and its Guardians now have an Enrage ability that increases their damage done by 50% for every 10 minutes of combat (starting from when each respective boss is engaged).
  • Added new Combat Stats system to World Bosses, Dungeons, Ultimate Challenges and Void Realms. The system will now display a damage recap/breakdown when an encounter is finished.

  • The Auto Looter will no longer attempt to loot corpses when inside of protection zone.
  • The Auto Healer and Auto Sio Healer functionality is now enabled in PvP.
  • Fixed wrong spell words in the Mirage Archer auto buff label.
  • Updated the Game Guides data.
  • Fixed an issue with the Death Recap not working properly sometimes.

21 Aug 21 04:05 PM
Is there a way to disable pvp? I see non pvp characters being mentioned…

22 Aug 21 01:03 PM
Duckling said:
Is there a way to disable pvp? I see non pvp characters being mentioned…

By non-PvP characters we meant characters below the PvP level.

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