Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 23rd Sep (2021)
23 Sep 21 02:09 PM
  • Attack runes are no longer subject to item use cooldown, instead they only incur attack cooldown. This means offensive runes can now be used simultaneously with potions and mana runes.
  • Increased the magic level factor for spells and runes which results in a slight overall buff to spells and runes.
  • The following items can now be used regardless of item use cooldown: Portable Task Device, Rust Remover, Obsidian Knife, Blessed Wooden Stake, Taming Items, Frozen Food and Spirit Device.
  • Health and mana percent bonuses are now additive instead of multiplicative. Additionally the health and mana bonuses are now consistent between logging in, swapping inventory and leveling up.
  • Improved the visibility of customize talkaction in the Store.
  • Fixed an issue where certain buffs from shrines and alchemy wouldn't be granted immediately.
  • Adjusted the duration, requirement and buff values of alchemy elixirs.
  • Added new alchemy elixirs with the following stats: Phys Prot, Drown Prot, Life Drain Prot, Mana Drain Prot, Physical Damage, Energy Damage, Earth Damage, Fire Damage, Ice Damage, Holy Damage, Death Damage and Healing.
  • Added the following stat buffs to the Power Shrine (Water Temple): Physical Damage, Energy Damage, Earth Damage, Fire Damage, Ice Damage, Holy Damage, Death Damage and Healing.
  • The "Guardian Angel" Power Shrine buff will now display a cooldown icon on the cooldown bar.
  • Fixed the Potion Lever not calculating the "Supreme" potion count properly.
  • Namtar will now use the raid boss scaling system similar to other endgame raid bosses (such as the Assassin).
  • Fixed a crash issue when Tyransict was killed during the channeling of the Wave of Darkness spell.
  • Spells that automatically fire at targets (such as Thunder Storm) will no longer attempt to target non-attackable targets.
  • Updated the Amirada world boss:
    • Amirada will now use the Enrage ability (similar to the Shaper).
    • Amirada's Crystal Pillars will now enrage together with Amirada.
    • Fixed miscellaneous minor issues with the fight.
  • Added Chat Restriction system. Players that get Chat Restricted will now have a limited number of messages to send.
  • Fixed a few invalid Reward Chest entries (such as the Statue of the Otherwordly Zealot displaying wrong count).
  • Fixed an issue with inbox notifications only being sent to the last person to open the inbox.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause client state desync when multiple characters accessed the same depot.
  • Fixed an instance where players could drop owned items.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not tame item-based mounts.
  • (HOTFIXED) Fixed an issue where moving items in depot could cause the server to crash under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed an issue that caused the client to stutter on some hardware.
  • Added "Walker Timeout" feature to Auto Walker. When set to non-zero value, the walker will attempt to find the closest reachable waypoint after being stuck for the "timeout" time instead of trying each individual waypoint in order.
  • Added "Report Coordinate" context menu option that allows players to report map bugs on positions other than where players are standing.
  • Added "Copy Outfit Colors" context menu option that yoinks the target's outfit colors.
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't mapclick after being teleported onto a blocking tile.
  • Fixed an issue with item hover border persisting after trying to drag non-item things in inventory. Additionally the border will now be red instead of white to indicate invalid things.
  • Improved the number format consistency when abbreviating number values in display labels.
  • (HOTFIXED) Fixed an issue with the "Walker Timeout" feature freezing the client under certain circumstances.

24 Sep 21 05:09 AM
Client crushed. Anyone got the same?

24 Sep 21 06:37 PM
DjBobo said:
Client crushed. Anyone got the same?

This should be hotfixed now.

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