Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 27th Dec (2021)
27 Dec 21 06:33 PM
  • Cursed Chest changes:
    • Monsters from spawns marked as Team Hunt spawns and Outlaws can no longer defend Cursed Chests in other spawns.
    • Cursed Chests dropped by melee monsters can no longer be defended by ranged monsters.
    • Cursed Caskets will no longer contain unusable dummy Artifact Tokens.
    • Monsters can no longer spawn in unreachable areas (such as behind walls).
    • Cursed Chests can now be seen in the Browse Field window; this will prevent Cursed Chests from being unusable due to being covered by corpses or field items.
  • Shrine changes:
    • Merged all resistance Shrines into a single Shrine that provides all resistances.
    • Merged "Critical Damage Shrine" and "Critical Chance Shrine" into "Critical Shrine", which provides both stats.
    • Merged "Life Leech Shrine" and "Mana Leech Shrine" into "Leech Shrine", which provides both stats.
    • Added a Power Shrine that increases damage dealt by 25%.
    • Added a Speed Shrine that provides maximum movement speed.
    • Increased the frequency at which Shrines spawn.
  • Spawn changes:
    • Bog Raiders - Added two more loop tunnels
    • Sea Serpents - Fixed the main loop from being closed off from itself
    • Fire Devils - Added two more tunnels
    • Cultists - Added slight workaround with teleports inside the spawn leading to another spot in the spawn.
    • Nightmayers - Added a new floor underneath the main spawn.
    • Nightmares - Added a new floor underneath the main spawn.
    • Necromancers / Priestesses - Added a looping hallway.
    • Heroes - Fixed a bug regarding their respawn, also changed their respawn timer to be quicker.
    • Deeplings - Added more elites and regular Deeplings around the map.
    • Pyro Imps - Added a second floor underneath the main floor.
    • Ghastly Dragons - Added a new floor underneath the main spawn.
    • Werewolves - Fixed hole misplacement inside the caves.
  • Both Trapped Lightning and Sacred Earth can now be stacked.
  • Path block pillars in the Bandit Hideout dungeon can no longer be moved.
  • Fixed an issue where item corruption resulting in damage vs. energy monsters would not work properly.
  • The guild experience bonus now only counts unique online players.
  • The new server-side looter will now attempt to open nested loot containers when possible.
  • The Cleave spell will now splash its attack damage around the attacker instead of the target.
  • Reverted the Energy Wave and Terra Wave spells (and their soul variants) to their old size.
  • Elementalists will now drop Strong Mana Runes instead of Elite Mana Runes.
  • Fixed an issue where inboxes would not work as expected under certain circumstances.
  • The Global Skills Boost now applies to profession skills (alchemy, enchanting and mining).
  • Empowered and Infused monsters now have an increased drop chance for the base monster's entire loot table.
  • Empowered and Infused monsters now display a small yellow and orange square respectively in order to make it easier to distinguish between these monsters and normal monsters.
  • Added Sell-All Tuner tool to the Tool Vendor. This item can be used on the Sell-All Tool to make it sell items with Enchantment Slots. This option can be reversed by using the Sell-All Tuner again.
  • Added new mounts (Emerald Raven, Mystic Raven and Radiant Raven).
  • Fixed an issue where the Boss Frame would persist after dying.
  • Added missing interactions to a few lamp items.
  • Regenerating soul points no longer requires monsters to award more base experience than the player's level.

  • The NPC Trade buy count window will now display the total purchase cost of the item.
  • The NPC Trade buy mod key tooltip will now display the total purchase cost of 100, 250 and 500 items.
  • Fixed an issue with the Auto Targeting list not updating the visuals after modifying existing targeting entries.
  • Added "Add To Targeting" context menu option to monsters.
  • Fixed an issue with the Outfit Window outfit list displaying addons that players do not own in the preview.
  • Fixed the "Season Premium Pass" display in the character list appearing when players had less than one day of premium time left.
  • Improved Alt+Click handling when Classic Controls option is disabled. Alt+Left Click will now attack the target monster, Alt+Right Click will now loot the target tile stack.
  • Added an option to disable side panel toggle buttons.
  • Clicking adjacent diagonal tile will now move the character diagonally; this behavior can be disabled in the Game options.
  • Outfit-related store offers will now use player's outfit for preview where applicable.

NOTE: House invites have been completely cleared to remove leftover invites from the previous season. You will have to invite your other characters/friends to your house again.

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