Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 6th Jan (2022)
05 Jan 22 08:59 PM
  • Cursed Chests:
    • Sight of Surrender can no longer spawn in Cursed Chests.
    • Adjusted the square color of monsters spawned the Cursed Chests to a brighter, more noticable shade.
    • Party members can now activate and claim Cursed Chests.
    • Monsters spawned by Cursed Chests can no longer spawn on stairs or portals (which would lead to these monsters spawning elsewhere).
  • Events:
    • Fixed the Events rewards not being handled properly under certain circumstances when an event was cancelled.
    • Replaced Red vs. Green/Blue teams in events with Orcs vs. Minotaurs.
    • Improved how Event participation and performance is measured.
    • Event rewards are now based on participation/performance score.
    • Negative participation/performance score will now grant players infractions which will result in a temporary timeout for participating in events. The duration of the timeout is based on the number of infractions received.
    • Receiving 5 infractions will result in players being blacklisted from participating in events.
  • Adjusted the square color of infused monsters to a brighter, more noticable shade.
  • Fixed wrong visual value of the Goblin King experience bonus in the !exp command popup.
  • Fixed an issue where the World Ender world boss event would not finish properly under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue with the item Corruption not working properly when it rolled Damage vs. Undead Monsters or Damage vs. Energy Monsters stats.
  • Reconnecting on trainers will now reset the idle timer.
  • The Sell-All Tool no longer has item use cooldown (it still has its own internal cooldown though).
  • Enchantment Crystals will no longer remove charges when used on Star Ring and Battle Pendant.
  • Tier Set Upgrade Tokens will now be used from the item stack instead of the player which means they can now be used from within depot or house tiles (provided enough tokens are stacked together).
  • Item Corruption will now display the outcome of the corruption in the chat.
  • Gained experience will now display with comma separated thousands in the Combat Log.
  • Charms can no longer be traded from inside of the charm container.
  • Fixed Critical Chance alchemy elixirs providing a fraction of its intended value.
  • Fixed Critical Shrine providing a fraction of its intended value for the Critical Chance stat.
  • Cursed Stamina Refillers from the store can no longer be gifted to other players.
  • Players can no longer enter the Event Lobby with the Auto Walker enabled.
  • Looking at items in the player trade window will now display Divination Card, Enchant Type and Chisel Charges information.
  • Players can no longer use the !broadcast command and the Broadcaster NPC while chat restricted.
  • Fixed the display of the Spectral Awakening and Fire Devils quests in the Inspect/Overview Quests list.
  • Beastslayer Arena monsters no longer grant credit towards the Kill Bosses Weekly Quest.
  • Improved the target tile selection for the Meteor Shower spell.
  • The low level PvP death protection will now check against the average level of all recent attackers instead of just the last hit killer.
  • Reduced the number of frags to Red Skull to 6 frags.
  • Reduced the number of frags to Black Skull to 18 frags.
  • Increased a frag duration from 2 hours to 20 hours.
  • The !frags/!kills command will now display additional information regarding skull status.

  • Fixed an issue where the Add button in the Talent window wouldn't work for Legendary Talents if players had no free normal talent points.
  • Aiming items and runes on the screen will no longer be blocked by the Action Progress widget.
  • Items with visual indicators will now also display a color tint in the item name.
  • Artifact Tokens will no longer have their indicator overriden by the owned item indicator.
  • Hovering recipe ingredients in the alchemy window will now display their name.
  • Improved the header view in the Spellbook window.
  • Fixed a client error when closing the client after launching it without logging in.
  • Hovering the Achievements in the Inspect/Overview window will now display achievement descriptions for all achievements instead of only completed ones.
  • Tier Set Upgrade Token rewards from the Weekly Quests reward will now display in the client token reward list.

Winter Soldier
07 Jan 22 02:16 PM
add. Frag remover , can be used just in PZ
Increase the amount to frag remover to 750 dung tokens

im the only one ! , el unico

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