Avencii Shadowfang
16 Jan 22 11:15 PM
The only thing wrong with this server, is the stamina regen rate FOR PREMMY PLAYERS…. $5 isn't a lot to pay for premium. But it shouldn't take 10 hours to get full stam with only missing a few hours of stamina. YES I got on trainers last night, and was off for almost 10 hours on the dot, my stamina was at 37:43. I got get back on and my stamina was only at 42:38. I do plan on spending more money on this server only because i've been around for years. It's almost pointless to buy premium on this server because in reality your stamina regens sooooooo slowly. It really shouldn't take all day long to regen a few hours of stamina for a premium player. Someone who is supporting your server should NOT have to worry about having to wait almost 15 hours to play with bonus stamina just because he is only missing a few hours, its just ridiculous. Other than that, the server is perfect.

Avencii Shadowfang

17 Jan 22 12:44 PM
There are many things you can do to increase your OWN stamina regeneration that are already in game.

Just a little tidbit; but after 41 hours of stamina you get into "bonus hours" of stamina which increase slower because they give an exp boost for premium players. They are meant for players who cannot play as often so therefore need a mechanic to catch up to the rest.

First solution; Go down the stairs next to the magic shopkeeper in depot and talk to the NPC "Elise". She will happily give you faster stamina regeneration if you play consitently.

Second solution; Go into the teleport port room where the spawns and quests are. Go to the left about halfway down the hallway go south into the dungeon area. You'll find a little room with a lever. Pull this lever and do any 1 normal dungeon (At the top of the text box that pops up). Once you complete a normal dungeon you will receive a dungeon talisman. Now click the lever again and select at the top of the text box "Talisman". Once you are on this page select Enter. Now you will be rewarded Dungeon tokens which can be used to purchase Stamina refillers from the NPC on the third floor in DP. (this takes about 30 minutes and you can get 10 hours of stamina added every 20 hours)

Third solution; On this right side of your screen select "Store" and in the new text box select 'Consumables" then scroll down until you find stamina refillers.

Fourth solution; Instead of botting all day every day, Maybe take a break.

Hope this helped! If you need anything else HMU ingame - Trith

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