06 Feb 22 08:46 PM
  • The Amplify condition (such as from the Power Shrine and Transcend spell) now only applies to PvE damage.
  • Fixed the Ultimate Divine Missile spell not working on player targets properly.
  • Fixed the World Ender not summoning Volatile Dragons.
  • Fixed Gaz'Haragoth not summoning Minions of Gaz'Haragoth.
  • Fixed events not awarding players for events that fail to start.
  • Fixed Artifact Wands/Rods not dealing damage in Events/War Arena.
  • Culled a number of items from the Dungeon loot.
  • Culled a number of items from the Reward Chest loot.
  • Removed Power Tabs from the Dungeon loot.
  • Removed Talent Respec points, allocated talent points can now be freely swapped.
  • Adjusted the Sanguine Dungeon mod. It now has a 25% chance to spawn instead of 100% and deals damage/heals every 1s instead of 0.5s.
  • The Reward Chest loot can no longer be claimed if player's inbox is full.
  • The Reward Chest kill messages will now highlight rare loot item names.
  • The Reward Chest loot will now expire from the inbox 7 days after being claimed.
  • The Dungeon loot will now expire from the inbox 7 days after being claimed.
  • Abandoning Dungeons now adds a 10 minute entry cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where unlocking Power Runes wouldn't work properly.
  • Adjusted the stats of Eskimos and Ice Witches.
  • Fixed item duping issue.
  • Fixed a server crash issue.

  • Added "Switch Character" option to the character list which can be used to xlog the current character and log in as another one without closing and opening the client.
  • Auto Buffs will now only cast in combat instead of outside of protection zone.
  • The text requirement boxes in the Addon Master window can no longer be edited.
  • Fixed the addons preview in the store not showing addons if the player had no addons selected.
  • Added Cursed Chest and Task Complete alarms to Auto Alarms (please keep in mind that it's just a visual taskbar flash alarm like other alarms).

NOTE: We have identified and fixed the item dupe issue that's been going on for the past week. The following characters (and their associated accounts and alts) have been permanently banned: Nix, Le Bails Gambit, Wolf, Jonny, Ted and Gabe The Soullessone.

Ded ots?
07 Feb 22 03:57 AM
and dmg magicians in people you fixed? does the solo magician still kill?

Queen Sirgdrifa
30 Apr 22 09:32 PM
The next time they identify a bug I hope they go deeper in their audits since they branded two people as "item cloners" who never cloned anything at all… Red is still a good GM up to a certain point and I hope one day an really trained team… (excluding Assem). Being a GM is not only about using the hammer when something happens, but knowing why it is used… Next time, make sure you investigate well where, how and who exploits the bugs… It is not just "using the hammer permanently" in all involved because there is money involved…

Always ur. Queen Sirgdrifa, Le Bails Gambit
– Make better auditorys u literally banned me by nothing –

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