Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 6th Feb (2022)
06 Feb 22 08:46 PM
  • The Amplify condition (such as from the Power Shrine and Transcend spell) now only applies to PvE damage.
  • Fixed the Ultimate Divine Missile spell not working on player targets properly.
  • Fixed the World Ender not summoning Volatile Dragons.
  • Fixed Gaz'Haragoth not summoning Minions of Gaz'Haragoth.
  • Fixed events not awarding players for events that fail to start.
  • Fixed Artifact Wands/Rods not dealing damage in Events/War Arena.
  • Culled a number of items from the Dungeon loot.
  • Culled a number of items from the Reward Chest loot.
  • Removed Power Tabs from the Dungeon loot.
  • Removed Talent Respec points, allocated talent points can now be freely swapped.
  • Adjusted the Sanguine Dungeon mod. It now has a 25% chance to spawn instead of 100% and deals damage/heals every 1s instead of 0.5s.
  • The Reward Chest loot can no longer be claimed if player's inbox is full.
  • The Reward Chest kill messages will now highlight rare loot item names.
  • The Reward Chest loot will now expire from the inbox 7 days after being claimed.
  • The Dungeon loot will now expire from the inbox 7 days after being claimed.
  • Abandoning Dungeons now adds a 10 minute entry cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where unlocking Power Runes wouldn't work properly.
  • Adjusted the stats of Eskimos and Ice Witches.
  • Fixed item duping issue.
  • Fixed a server crash issue.

  • Added "Switch Character" option to the character list which can be used to xlog the current character and log in as another one without closing and opening the client.
  • Auto Buffs will now only cast in combat instead of outside of protection zone.
  • The text requirement boxes in the Addon Master window can no longer be edited.
  • Fixed the addons preview in the store not showing addons if the player had no addons selected.
  • Added Cursed Chest and Task Complete alarms to Auto Alarms (please keep in mind that it's just a visual taskbar flash alarm like other alarms).

NOTE: We have identified and fixed the item dupe issue that's been going on for the past week. The following characters (and their associated accounts and alts) have been permanently banned: Nix, Le Bails Gambit, Wolf, Jonny, Ted and Gabe The Soullessone.

Ded ots?
07 Feb 22 03:57 AM
and dmg magicians in people you fixed? does the solo magician still kill?

Queen Sirgdrifa
30 Apr 22 09:32 PM

Always ur. Queen Sirgdrifa, Le Bails Gambit
– Cuando ustedes me ven, yo se que tiemblan. Cabrones pidanme la bendiciĆ³n –

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