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03 Jan 23 11:57 AM
  • Fixed an issue with certain stats not displaying their fractional value (visual bug).
  • Fixed an issue with the HotA chest not requiring quest completion to open.
  • Added more error messages to the Enchantment window in addition to Chat console.
  • Fixed quest chest reward messages not working properly with enchantment crystals.
  • Fixed an issue with Charms showing (Enchantments: None) description even though they cannot be enchanted.
  • Fixed Waves/Beams and Powerful UE/Caldera talents breaking their respective spells.
  • It is now possible to force the next wave of a Cursed Chest by using the chest again if the current wave has been defeated.
  • Adjusted the required number of kills for a number of non-boss Bestiary monsters.
  • Fixed Iron Fists not counting as a melee weapon.
  • Added Global Bestiary Boost to the store; while active, monster kills will give double credit towards Bestiary entries.
  • Added Outfit Color Randomizer item to the store which repeatedly changes the current outfit colors when active.
  • Added Tier Set Upgrade Token reward for killing Garmr (these will not be rewarded retroactively for previous kills).

  • Added Bestiary Tracker. The Bestiary Tracker can be accessed by either opening it through the Bestiary or the Character top menu; to start tracking a monster, select it from the Bestiary and press the Track button.

04 Jan 23 08:33 AM

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