13 Feb 23 10:22 PM
  • Cursed Grove:
    • Increased the entry cooldown for max level Grove from 4 hours to 6 hours.
    • Fixed an issue where players could bug out the instance if the Next wave was started while all monsters were dead during a sub-wave.
    • Fixed highscores not being tracked.
    • Added Cyntara Coins, Artifact Tokens and Corruption Ashes to the reward pool for higher level instances.
    • Lowered the monster health and damage scaling.
  • World Bosses:
    • Fixed a map issue where players could escape the Eye of the Jailer area.
    • Reworked the World Ender's mechanics to be more in line with recent world bosses.
    • Entropy Disruptor now has a Disintegration ability that works the same as Garmr's Purge and Eye of the Jailer's Extermination abilities.
    • Garmr's Purge and Eye of the Jailer's Extermination abilities now deal Chaos damage.
    • Otherworldly Zealots now become increasingly stronger the longer they live.
    • Players dying in World Boss arenas will no longer suffer death penalty.
  • Spells:
    • The Transcend spell now affects all friendly targets in range instead of only party and guild members; this should extend the utility of the spell to raid and world bosses. It can no longer be used when the caster is the only valid buff target.
    • Added Nature's Boon druid artifact spell. This is a group buff spell similar to Transcend that provides bonuses to health regeneration, mana regeneration, cooldown reduction and mana cost reduction.
    • Reduced the mana cost of Fortitude, Transcend, and Mirror Image spells to match the mana costs of other artifact spells.
    • Reduced the mana cost of the Healing Totem spell.
  • Prey Tasks:
    • Fixed the Loot perk granting lower loot bonus than intended.
    • It is now possible to quit active Prey tasks for a gold fee.
  • Bestiary:
    • Improved the Location information for a number of monsters in the Bestiary.
    • Adjusted Bestiary kill requirements for a few unannounced mount creatures.
    • Fixed an issue where monsters in the Bestiary would show in wrong category after their race was adjusted.
    • Fixed duplicate entries in the Bestiary.
    • Fixed monster Immunities not displaying properly in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where Cursed Chest monsters could be sent into teleports.
  • Fixed event portals sending a countdown even if the portal has been removed/the event has ended.
  • Adjusted the damage buffs of the Ringmaster boss and fixed an issue where the Ringmaster could despawn itself on death.
  • Removed obsolete Elixir of Regret from Dungeon loot.
  • Changed the ID of the Ice Pick which could cause issues with the Auto Looter not being able to distinguish between the Ice Pick and a regular Pick.
  • Fixed a rare issue with certain spells being able to crash the server.
  • Increased base stats of a number of mount creatures.
  • Fixed the Goblin King's pot boost not broadcasting the boost message.
  • The inspect window now displays the capped, raw and cap resist values instead of just raw resist value.
  • Added damage talents against new monster races.
  • Characters with owned items in depot/inbox can no longer be sold on the Character Market until these items get picked up.
  • Fixed Inspect and Advanced Stats not displaying all sources of health and mana regeneration.

  • Prey Task perk values are now displayed in the Prey Task window.
  • Fixed the Ring Crafting tooltips displaying lower values for certain crafts than intended.
  • Hovering achievements in the Inspect window that require other achievements to be completed now display the list of required achievements.

Important: Due to talent changes, all allocated talent points had to be reset. You will have to allocate your talent points again.

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