Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 27th Jul (2023)
27 Jul 23 02:53 PM
  • Adjusted underperforming monsters for levels 500 and below.
  • Adjusted resists and immunities of Robens, Executioners, Mutated Toads and Mutated Hounds.
  • Adjusted the stats of some 1.2k+ monsters.
  • Added Global Bestiary Boost information to the World Info and login messages.
  • Fixed the Corruption spell not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue with entering the Cookson Familia Den.
  • Fixed an issue where NPC Ace could become unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue where some monsters had different internal level than they should have, causing Cursed Chests to drop higher level loot.
  • Fixed a number of charms not providing proper stat value for Damage vs. Monster Type.
  • Adjusted Speedy Caldera damage.
  • Monsters killed in Mortal Kombat and Battle Tower no longer count towards Bestiary.
  • Fixed an issue with the Wrath of the Emperor bridge levers not working properly.
  • Added Broadcasts chat channel that shows player and staff broadcasts.
  • Added World Boss messages to the Events channel.

  • Added a workaround for an issue with the Walker stutter-stepping between waypoints.
  • Reworked the Range Scale indicator, the new indicator has more clarity, and displays the damage bonus. It can be also now disabled in the client options.
  • Fixed Auto functions still requiring minimum level to cast Haste and Strong Haste.
  • Fixed lingering inventory description in the Inspect window.
  • The Enchanting interface now displays the number of Enchanting Crystals and Orbs of Enchantment.

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