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11 Aug 23 09:13 PM
  • All spawn monsters above level 1200 now drop Minor Artifact Talent Tokens and Power Tokens as well as grant Artifact Talent Experience on kill.
  • All spawns above level 1200 now have a silent raid boss that can drop Major Artifact Talent Tokens.
  • Adjusted the monster density, count and type in the Primordial Prison spawn to match it with the Catacombs spawn.
  • Revamped the Dragon Hatchlings spawn.
  • Revamped the Water Elementals spawn.
  • Expanded the Holy Bishops spawn.
  • Removed immunities from a number of monsters that were meant to only have resistances.
  • Removed Crowd Control spells (such as Silence) from all non-boss monsters (this mostly applies to spawn monsters above level 1200).
  • Added Corpse Recovery system; players that died in PvE can now go back to their corpse and "open" it to reclaim a portion of lost experience.
  • Magic Wall and Wild Growth runes are now disabled in World Boss arenas (with the exception of Amirada).
  • Using Ultimate Enchantment Crystals on equipment pieces will now bring up the Enchanting interface similar to other Enchantment Crystals.
  • Tier Set Upgrade Token and Tier Set Reclaimer now require the item to be removed from inventory before use.
  • Added the Hireling Lamp that can be used to place a Hireling in a house to the Store.
  • Activating a Shrine will now display the name and effect of the shrine in the chat.
  • Son of the Sun will now upgrade Moon Stones for all players inside of the boss arena instead of just those within close distance of the boss.
  • Moved a number of lower level Void Invader portals to more conspicuous locations.
  • Exercise weapons will now transform back to their base version once expired to let players continue training their skill type of choice.
  • Increased the damage of Combo Rune and Ultimate Combo Rune.
  • Fixed an issue where the average damage and healing numbers for spells in Bestiary were not calculated properly.
  • Fixed an issue where fresh corpses could not be open if they dropped on top of another corpse of different kind.
  • Fixed an issue where rings crafted through the Ring Crafting could disappear when there is not enough space in backpacks (they will be sent to the inbox now).
  • Fixed an issue where Tier Set Upgrade Tokens received from Trimurti could disappear when there is not enough space in backpacks (they will be sent to the inbox now).
  • Fixed an issue where map clicks issued by the bot could make the player character walk outside of the protection zone if both the start and end positions were protection zones.
  • Fixed an issue where certain raids could spawn multiple bosses.
  • Fixed a number of Artifact Spells not working properly with Retro Spell Animations.
  • Fixed an issue with the Flood's Flood spell damage not showing in the Combat Log.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get kicked out of Task Boss arenas prematurely in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where passing the guild leadership using the !passleader command would make the new leader unable to properly manage the guild.
  • Fixed an issue with the Malice Annihilator Daily Quest chest not providing rewards.
  • Fixed the Malice Demons Task boss missing loot.

  • Fixed the experience tooltip in the Bestiary window displaying total experience bonus instead of current experience bonus per monster killed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the bottom buttons in the Store window to not be fully clickable.

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