Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 26 Feb (2024)
26 Feb 24 12:43 AM
Server (some of these changes have already been live as part of hotfixes):
  • Fixed a long standing issue where Empowered Monsters and Cursed Chests would stop spawning after hotfixing spells.
  • Fixed Serpentine Tunnels and Torture Chambers monsters not dropping Minor Artifact Spell Tokens and Power Tokens.
  • World Bosses now gain 3% healing multiplier per player instead of 5%. This should make it a bit easier to finish bosses if many players died after entering the World Boss arena.
  • Added missing Magic Shopkeeper and Weapon Smith NPCs to World Ender and Garmr lobbies.
  • Added guild kills tracking and !guildkills command to show all guild kills vs. other guilds in the past 1 hour, 2 hours and 24 hours. Please keep in mind that this data is not persistent and the stats are lost in an event of a crash or server restart.
  • Fixed the Outfit Color Randomizer item not preserving the selected footprints.
  • Added a potential fix for a crash issue.
  • Increased the movement speed of Demon Sprouts.
  • Adjusted some monster loot.
  • Fixed monster levels in the Ancient Temple quest.
  • Fixed the Timeless Guardian's level and Bestiary status.
  • Added Ice Spears Artifact Talent (all allocated Talent Points have been reset and need to be allocated again).
  • Fixed an issue with the Boss Discovery Scroll not tracking bosses.
  • The Boss Discovery Scroll is no longer consumed when no bosses are spawned.
  • Restored the missing Mysterious Voodoo Skull chest in the Nightmare spawn.
  • Mana Runes and Ultimate Healing Runes are now consumed when used on another player.
  • Fixed a number of items not appearing in the Reward Chest message when claiming rewards.
  • Fixed Ashri's map markers.
  • Fixed the Tier Set Upgrade Token window not displaying proper values for Tasks and Dungeons.
  • Fixed an issue where players could infinitely gain Tier Set Upgrade Tokens from Tasks/Dungeons and removed excess tokens from players.
  • Added player titles for players carrying the flags in Capture the Flag event.
  • Blizzard, Armageddon, and Rain of Arrows no longer show projectile effects to other players.
  • Fixed an issue with Diabolic Gateways not spawning properly in tight corridors.
  • Fixed an issue where players wouldn't get their Cyntara Coins refund if they skipped level advances (i.e. advancing from level 599 to level 601).
  • Blacksmith Chisels now apply as many times as possible when used on an item; the Chisel Stacking Tool has been preserved for now but is no longer neccessary.
  • Diabolic Gateways now grant the buffs for all nearby party members.
  • Fixed Auto Functions level up notification missing an icon.
  • New spells level up notifications now show if a spell needs to be learned before use.
  • Fixed Blade Vortex level requirement.
  • Added extra duplicate levels/areas in the following spawns: Insectoids, Ogres, White Knights, Lancer Beetles, and Drillworms.

  • Added "Track"/"Stop Tracking" Bestiary tracker option to monster right-click menu.
  • Added "Show Only Available" checkbox to the Spellbook (enabled by default) that makes the Spellbook show spells only available for the current player level.
  • Moved the Range Bonus indicator from the center of the screen to the top-right corner below the Auto Functions labels.
  • Added Temporary Minimap Icons with countdown for Diabolic Gateways and Cursed Chests.

26 Feb 24 12:54 AM
nicely done diath u never miss


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