Cyntara - Forum - Patchnotes - 14 Mar (2024)
14 Mar 24 11:32 AM
Server (some of these changes have already been live as part of hotfixes):
  • Added extra map copies to the following spawns: Serpentine Tunnels, Malice Demons, Tomb of the Undertaker.
  • Added the Mutated Mushrooms (Level 2300) spawn.
  • Cursed Chests now show temporary minimap icon for all waves (except the last one).
  • Adjusted the stats of Malice Demons spawn (+50% health and +50% experience).
  • Changed the weight of all Ring Crafting creature products to 0.1oz.
  • Added !artifacttalentexperience command that can be used to suppress Artifact Talent Experience messages on monster kill.
  • Paralyze Rune can no longer be cast in Secure Mode; and using Paralyze Rune now grants PZ lock and skull similar to any other offensive rune.
  • Fixed the Fist of the Heavens spell lasting 40 seconds instead of 4 minutes.
  • Nature's Boon and Transcend no longer affect players in Protection Zones.
  • Fixed missing item descriptions in item tooltips in certain cases.
  • Improved the description of Training Weapons.
  • The !go command no longer grants footprints for guild members that do not own them.
  • Fixed the cooldown of the Crushing power rune.
  • The Diabolic Gateways now close and spawn monsters after 3 seconds instead of 5 seconds.
  • Reduced the decay time of Insectoids monster corpses.
  • Eternal Winter, Ice Wave, Terra Wave, Wrath of Nature and Soul Terra Wave now have matching damage with Sorcerer counter-parts.
  • Reduced the number of Otherworldly Zealots summoned in the Entropy Disruptor world boss from 8 to 6 per corner.

  • Added missing spell icons.
  • Added popout minimap window (accessible through a button next to the minimap or the CTRL+M shortcut).
  • New targeting settings are now in "Chase Target" chased mode, Reachable and Shootable by default.
  • Fixed an issue with persistent client crash when adding invalid items to the Looter.
  • Fixed the Inspect window not working properly when the server had a misconfigured achievement.

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