Cyntara - News #26 - Cyntara v15s2
Cyntara v15s2
Cyntara v15s2 will launch on December 16, 2022 at 4 PM EST (10 PM GMT+1).

New World Boss
Once again we are expanding the end game challenges with another World Boss, Garmr, with its own set of AI abilities.
Garmr can be found in the Grim Reapers spawn and will spawn according to the World Boss rotation with other World Bosses.

New Spawns
We have also expanded the end game spawns with new level 1800 and level 2000 spawns, located in the east corridor of the teleport room.

Armor & Defense Rework
Historically Cyntara used vanilla formulas for armor and defense calculations which do not make much sense given Cyntara's custom gameplay.
We have adjusted the Armor, Defense and Shielding stats to feel more in line with other stats in the game.

Armor now provides a flat percent reduction for non-spell monster physical attacks.
The player Armor value is displayed in the Stats and Inspect windows and is equal to the sum of all equipped armor pieces.
The damage reduction uses the following formula: (1 - (800 / (800 + armor))) * 100.
For example, a knight wearing a Kyanite set has a total of 69 armor which plugged into the above formula gives us a 7.94% damage reduction.

Defense and Shielding now provide a new stat called Block Chance which gives players a chance to block a portion of incoming non-spell physical damage.
The amount of blocked damage is dictated by a new stat called Block Reduction (default 25% of damage), which can be increased through Alchemy, Enchanting and Ring Crafting.
The Block Chance is calculated based on the following formula: (defense / 20) * (shielding / 80), and is capped at 50%, the chance is reduced to 33% of the value in PvP combat.
For example, a knight with 130 shielding wearing a mastermind shield with 260 defense will have (260 / 20) * (130 / 80) = 21% Block Chance.
Mage spellbooks have had their Defense stats adjusted to account for this change.

Additionally, bows and crossbows are now one-handed weapons and can be equipped together with a shield to make paladins also be able to benefit from the defense changes.
This also means that Quivers and Infinite Ammo can no longer be enchanted as these 4 extra enchantment slots have been shifted to the shield slot.

As a result of these changes, combat modes (defensive, balanced, offensive) have been removed.

Cursed Grove
Last season we announced that we would introduce a new feature called the Cursed Grove however due to technical issues this feature had to be pulled out.
This season we are introducing the feature proper.
The Cursed Grove is a new instance based system that can be accessed through the southern corridor of the teleport room.
In the Cursed Grove, players will face waves of monsters, similar to Cursed Chests, but after each round you will be presented with a selection of Monster Buffs and Player Penalties that persist throughout the run, making each wave increasingly more challenging.
Entering the Cursed Grove requires Cursed Tokens which can be looted from Cursed Chests, the entry fee depends on the level of the grove. The Grove will start at level 400 and increase by 150 each time Wave 10 is complete at a certain level.

Cyntara v15s2 features a Bestiary system that tracks each eligible monster and boss kill, and can be used to unlock information about the monster stats, abilities and loot.
For each completed bestiary entry, players will gain a stacking +0.5% global experience bonus (up to a maximum of +150%), as well as a permanent +5% experience bonus for killing the entry monster.
We are looking forward to further expanding the perks for finishing Bestiary entries in future updates.
The Bestiary feature unlocks at level 400 however lower level monster entries can be completed after reaching level 400.

Enchanting Rework
Ever since the introduction of the Enchanting system back a few years ago, Cyntara has greatly expanded its pool of custom stats that players can benefit from and as such the mod pool available through the Enchanting felt outdated.
The Enchanting system has been refreshed, receiving a brand new custom interface to make the enchanting process easier, as well as having its enchanting groups and stats reworked, additionally, a new tier of Enchantment Crystals has been added.
The Ultimate Enchantment Crystals can be obtained by combining 5 Grand Enchantment Crystals and can be used once players earn the "Ultimate Challenger" achievement associated with the Ultimate Challenges quest.

World Info
We have also added a new window, available through the top left menu, that displays World Information that includes server information, boosts, boosted creatures, world bosses, and event schedule.

We have unified the interface between Character Market inspect and Character Overview inspect into a single, improved, cleaner Inspect interface.
Additionally, you can now inspect players through the in-game chat and the Highscores window.

Tooltip Compare
Another Quality-of-Life feature that we are adding is a secondary item tooltip for comparing stats between equipped items and obtained items.
This feature is enabled by default but can be optionally disabled in the client options.

Minor server changes:
  • Fixed an issue with the Last Creep Standing rewards not granting talent points if non-backpack rewards were chosen.
  • Adjusted the Dungeon scaling.
  • Adjusted the Void Realm scaling.
  • Supplies are no longer infinite inside of Dungeons.
  • Condensed mage and paladin damage bonus talents into single talents (Elemental Damage and Physical & Holy Damage).
  • Fixed base health and mana for new characters.
  • Removed a number of superfluous items from the Reward Chest and the Dungeon loot.
  • Reworked Medicine Pouches and Belongings of the Deceased, both items can now be used to open instead of turning in, and both can now drop multiple rewards.
  • Fixed an issue with the Monkey's Paw charm not granting stats when equipped.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of the following raid bosses: Jesters, Vlad the Impaler, the Ringmaster, and the Flood.
  • Added a new Greedy Goblin raid which replaces the Explosive Dragon raid.
  • Adjusted the Mind Flayer lever prices to reflect new boss difficulty and loot.
  • Increased the number of Vampire Lord Tokens required in the Dark Knight of Vanda quest.
  • Adjusted the prices of the Dungeon Token Trader wares.
  • Added a new experience fish (Marlin, +125% experience bonus) to the Fishing system.
  • Fixed an issue with certain stat sources not updating immediately when provided (such as when using a greater tier of an alchemy elixir when a lower tier is already active).
  • Fixed an issue with the Dungeons talent not scaling the Dungeon experience reward properly.
  • Added respec cost to the Talent System. It now costs 100k to remove a talent point (the fee is not applied for players below level 800).
  • Added !unstuck command for players stuck on the training tile which will teleport the character to the temple.
  • Fixed an issue where certain display items could be moved by players and got stuck in their inventory.
  • Added Loot Portal Device to the store which can loot all monsters from the screen (assuming the player is eligible to loot the monsters) when looting a single monster corpse.
  • Adjusted paladin Artifact spells:
    • The Mirage Archer spell now scales the damage with player level.
    • Replaced the Strafe spell with God's Wrath spell that periodically smites nearby targets and explodes at their location after a short delay.
  • Reworked the Prey system:
    • The system is now time based (2h) instead of kill count based.
    • Added a feature to extend the prey time for Prey Points.
    • Removed prey task completion rewards.
    • Moved Prey Points completion reward from the Prey system to the Task system.

  • Added an option to hide animated effects by category (player spells, monster spells, boss spells, misc).
  • Removed fight modes.
  • Improved the Advanced Stats tab and fixed an issue where the stats list couldn't be fully scrolled.
  • Added optional mana requirement to spell caster in Auto Targeting.
  • Improved the target distance heuristic in Auto Targeting which now uses the same range function as the server.
  • Fixed an issue with the Lure waypoint type not working properly.
  • Left-clicking on map marks on the minimap will now walk to the exact map mark location.
  • Player and Monster health percent display is now enabled by default.
  • Fixed an issue with the Auto Login feature not working properly for newly installed clients.

Posted by Diath on 08 Dec 22 03:33 PM.