Cyntara - News #28 - Cyntara v16
Cyntara v16 will launch on February 16, 2024 at 4 PM EST (10 PM GMT+1).

Diabolic Gateways

Diabolic Gateways are a brand new feature similar to Cursed Chests to bring more variety to your hunt; upon killing non-boss monsters of all levels, players will be able to encounter Diabolic Gateway portals.
Once a Gateway appears, you must stand inside the Gateway until the countdown elapses; if successfully completed, a number of Diabolic monsters of the same spawn type will emerge.
Successfully defeating the Diabolic monsters will grant players a significant buff to Health Regen, Mana Regen, Damage Dealt, Damage Reduction, Luck and Movement Speed for the next 60 seconds.


  • Removed the Demonborn Valley (1400) spawn.
  • Added the Serpentine Tunnels (1400) spawn.
  • Added the Torture Chambers (1700) spawn.
  • Added the Tomb of the Undertaker (2100) spawn.
  • Added the Imperial Crypts (2200) spawn.

Artifact Spells

The Artifact spells have been reworked and no longer require the Artifact Weapons and instead are available much earlier to make the early and mid-game more engaging; they are still upgradable through the Artifact Talent system which requires the Artifact Weapon to be acquired first.
Additionally, new Artifact Spells with over-time effects have been added. The Artifact Spells now also have to be learned by completing a new multi-stage mini quest available in the Teleport Room.

  • The spells now are duration-based instead of tick-based to make it easier to balance the cooldown/duration/tick rate relationship. All of the damage-over-time Artifact Spells now have a base duration of 4 minutes and a base cooldown of 6 minutes. The duration can be increased to 5 minutes through Artifact Talents, and the remaining cooldown can be further reduced through the Cooldown Reduction stat.
  • Removed the Healing Totem and Rejuvenation spells.
  • Artifact Spells over-time effects are now stopped upon entering PvP combat.
  • Artifact spells now have the following level requirements:
    • Level 150
      • MS: Shocking Pulse
      • ED: Freezing Pulse
      • RP: Fist of the Heavens
      • EK: Cleave
    • Level 300
      • MS: Meteor Shower, Thunder Storm
      • ED: Ice Spears (* new *), Ice Barrage
      • RP: God's Wrath
      • EK: Spectral Blades (* new *)
    • Level 450
      • MS: Armageddon (* new *)
      • ED: Blizzard (* new *)
      • RP: Rain of Arrows (* new *)
      • EK: Blade Vortex
    • Level 600
      • MS/ED: Mirror Image (the Mirror Image spells have been adjusted)
      • RP: Mirage Archer (the Mirage Archer spells have been adjusted)
      • EK: Shadow Warrior (* new *)
    • Level 700 (these spells do not need to be learned)
      • MS: Transcend
      • ED: Nature's Boon, Grove Guardian
      • RP: Holy Devotion
      • EK: Fortitude, Brambles

Trial of Valor

Cyntara v16 brings another World Boss challenge for Cyntarists. The Trial of Valor is a two-stage World Boss accessible through the Holy Bishop spawn.

Demon Prison

A new level 1000 quest has been added that allows players to face one of 4 new bosses. Each entry to the boss arena requires a Demon Prison Cell Key. Demon Prison Cell Keys can be obtained from end-game raids with a relatively low chance.
Each of the different bosses in the Demon Prison has a small chance to drop different pieces of Kyanite, Starbringer and High Noble items - giving players an extra chance to acquire these items while targeting the piece(s) that they are missing.


Titles are accolades that players can earn by reaching various difficult in-game milestones. Titles are displayed in the game window above the character name and can be toggled on and off in the client options.
Titles are account-bound and are shared across all characters on the account. Further, Titles are intended to persist between seasons and are not reset when a new season starts.

Quality of Life changes

Cyntara v16 also brings a few brand new quality-of-life features.
  • Added party member tracking to the minimap (can be optionally disabled in the client options).
  • Added a brand new interface for the !exp command; this allows players to see which potential experience bonuses they are missing.
  • The Boss Frame now works for all non-boss monsters (can be optionally disabled in the client options); the current limitation is that it does not work with non-boss monsters that have not previously had explicit Boss Frame.
  • The inventory UI now shows the number of available Enchantment Slots on the item sprite.
  • Auto functions labels (Healer/Walker/Targeting) in the top-left corner on the client now always show and can be clicked to toggle the respective auto function on and off, additionally, they can be right-clicked to bring up the respective Auto window.

Minor server changes:
  • Increased the difficulty of Malice Annihilator.
  • Fixed an issue where players could claim every rewards from the Malice Annihilator.
  • Ultimate Healing and (basic) Mana Runes are now unlimited regardless of player level.
  • Decreased the required level to use Strong Mana Runes.
  • Adjusted the kill requirements for high level tasks.
  • The Daily Reward Streak reset now only shows when the streak was actually lost.
  • Added Abyss tier to boosted creatures and moved a number of high level spawns to that tier.
  • Added Abyss tier to Prey Tasks and moved a number of high level spawns to that tier.
  • Team-based events will now have a more fair distribution of player levels and vocations.
  • Adjusted the spawn rate for Cursed Chest in some less monster-dense spawns.
  • Fixed an issue where monsters did not have an appropriate level set when spawned from the map on server startup.
  • Adjusted the kill count requirements for a number of Bestiary monsters and removed a number of non-spawn monsters from Bestiary altogether.
  • Added a new Corym spawn.
  • Moved Life Leech, Mana Leech and Mana Potion messages to Combat Log.
  • Revamped the Quest area in the Teleport Room.
  • Removed the Cursed Grove.
  • Added Cursed Chests, Daily Quests and World Bosses highscores.
  • Moved the Power Rune cooldowns from Trigger runes to Effect runes, and adjusted the cooldowns and power of the runes.
  • Increased the Dungeon and Task requirements for weekly Tier Set Upgrade Tokens.
  • Fixed an issue where World Bosses could ramp up their damage output between attempts which would immediately kill players upon re-entry to the boss arena.
  • Increased the lever switch-back timers in Wrath of the Emperor and Astral Plane quests.
  • Added Wheelchair outfit to the store.
  • The first wave of monsters in the Last Creep Standing quest will now spawn immediately when entering the arena.
  • Added Artifact Research advance message.
  • Wands and rods now have equal damage and magic level bonus for level-equivalent weapons.
  • Having an active Alchemy Elixir now gives a +5% experience bonus.
  • Removed base Alchemy Flask requirement from Alchemy elixirs.
  • Leveling up and advancing in skill level now displays the time it took to level up.
  • Added missing bless warning when entering the Teleport Room.
  • The Chameleon rune now respects the Transmog of an item.
  • Fixed an issue with the Turtle Shell and Juggernaut talents not scaling properly.
  • Lowered the value of Wolf Claw and Turtle Shell talents from 0.2% to 0.1% per talent point.
  • Fixed an issue with the Boss Duel event not finishing properly when a boss was last-hit-killed by a player summon.
  • Characters that have x-logged and have been training for over a week will now be automatically kicked out during daily server save.
  • Fixed the Volatile Anomaly (slime minions in the Shaper encounter) not exploding on contact when they lost their initial target.
  • Slightly increased the base chance of Cursed Chest spawns.
  • Lowered the minimum level to enter World Bosses from 800 to 600.
  • Lowered the minimum level to start dungeons from 400 to 250.
  • Lowered the minimum level to start solo dungeons from 650 to 500.
  • Removed the Training Weapon stacking.
  • Training weapons will now automatically re-fill from backpacks even when x-logged.
  • Reworked the Luck stat with regards to boss rare loot table. Previously, the chance for rares to drop would be increased by the average Luck of all kill participants. Now, instead, the Luck stat gives each player an additional "ticket" when rolling which player to reward the item.
  • Lowered the drop chance of Power Tabs from Task Bosses.
  • Removed Power Tab drop from Legendary Warriors.
  • Reduced the Savior achievement requirement for Artifact Weapon upgrade from 56 days to 6 weeks.

  • Improved the auto reconnect UI/UX.
  • Moved the Spellbook button out of a sub-menu to the main top menu for easier access.
  • Updated Auto Buffs to account for new spell changes.
  • Fixed Cooldown/Buff bars not removing properly sometimes when displaying shortened text.
  • Improved the Task/Prey tracker UI.
  • Updated Bestiary sorting.
  • Added raw experience gain to Hunting Analyzer that makes it easier to gauge the experience gain regardless of experience rate bonuses.
  • Fixed client errors when using special characters in Addons, Alchemy, Bestiary, NPC Trade, Store and Task search bars.
  • Fixed the mana bar rendering color when a creature is covered by upper floor visuals.
  • In-progress tasks now show the kill progress in the Task window.
  • Added level percent display to the level label in Skills window.
  • Fixed minimap marks overflowing the minimap area when showing on the edges.
  • Updated the health bar color for low value health bar.
  • Fixed an issue where filtering own spell words would not work sometimes.

Posted by Red on 14 Feb 24 02:29 PM.