06 Jun 20 03:09 AM
Also few more notes;

1. Did some hunting of spawns checking exp/h over the past few days and as it stands werewolves is so far above the spawns around it that I fear it might be over powered (on ice miner level)

The first person to hit level 550 before the rest of the group will FLY in levels there while the rest will kinda be left in the dust.

2. White knights should be changed to grey knights :( rip my whitebois

3. Ancient scarabs still Kinda OP even tho they got moved to a new location, They sorta stand out from the spawns around them.

4. Grim reaper spawn should get a "cave" below the spawn or someshit where hunting is a bit smoother, the monster isnt bad its just the map that makes hunting there fluidly difficult

5. With the Draken "buff" You might of made hunting WoTe Too strong, It was already one of the better spots so it might of pushed it over the top but who knows, I havnt actually hunted there so its just a theory

Thanks bey

16 Jun 20 05:42 PM
hola buenas tardes, disculpe pero muchos playeres nuevos que eh visto en el juego, siempre me preguntan, el porque hacen tanto reset? si se puede hacer cambios sin necesidad de hacer reset.
Tambien me pregunto lo mismo, si esta claro que se pueden hacer cambios sin hacer reset. el reset es porque los playeres dejan de conectar a medida que hacen todas las missiones o llegan a su maximo nivel?
unas de las pregunta tambien es porque, si este ot (cyntara) es bueno porque no se mantiene con sus playeres?
algo esta haciendo mal que los playeres se van al alcanzar su maximo nivel..
otra cosa es que en la cave scarbas el niel de expe no es muy bueno para ser 650 ..
abyss creo que es muy exagerado su hp para dar tan copa expe.
otra cosa es que en dragon lord ahi un undead dragon no se si eso deberia estar ahi..

Ayudo a los nuevos jugadores, me gusta ayudar a los jugadores sean nuevos o viejos :D

29 Jun 20 01:48 AM
29 June 2020 @ ~02:00 changes:

Abyss Necromancer
  • Fixed an issue where their health was too high by a factor of 10x.
  • Decreased self-healing amount.

  • Decrease max health.
  • Decrease minimum melee damage.
  • Decrease self-healing chance.

    Combat Golem
  • Increase experience.

    Crystal Spider
  • Decrease max health.
  • Decrease melee damage.

  • Increase experience.

    Golden Servant
  • Increase experience.

    Grim Reaper
  • Increase experience.
  • Decrease self-healing chance.

  • Increase experience.

    Iron Servant
  • Increase experience.

    Jammer Golem
  • Increase experience.

    Lancer Beetle
  • Increase experience.

    Mutated Hound
  • Decrease minimum melee damage.
  • Decrease manadrain damage.

    Mutated Toad
  • Decrease all types of damage.

    Vampire Bride
  • Increase experience.

  • Increase experience.

  • Increase experience.
  • Decrease self-healing and invisibility chance.

  • Increase experience.

    Undead Dragon
  • Decrease respawn rate for Undead Dragons on the ground floor of the spawn.


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