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24 Jun 20 10:34 PM
After a successful winter season and a surprise quarantine season in late March, the Cyntara Development Team is back at it again with an announcement that Cyntara v13 will be released June 26, 2020!
So, what has changed?

Endgame Sets Rework

One of the most requested content changes that we have received over the past few years was for a rework of the end-game equipment. With the re-introduction of donor sets back in v12-s2 we knew that one or two types of equipment pieces above the strength of the donor set items would not be the end goal for equipment progression. Formerly, only the Starbringer/High Noble/Kyanite-tier and Battlemage/Amethyst/Kyanite-tier equipment were some of the few equipment pieces superior than what could be purchased in the Cyntara Store. This issue was further exacerbated by the fact that the method of obtaining these equipment pieces was not uniform among vocations. Not only that, but a number of these equipment pieces were unobtainable entirely.
No longer. We are excited to share that we have reworked endgame sets!

All pieces of the Starbringer, High Noble and Kyanite sets will be obtainable from the following bosses:
» Ferumbras
» Cosmic Reaver
» Namtar
» Orshabaal
» Gaz'haragoth
» Amirada
» World Ender

Once obtained, these pieces of equipment will be upgradable using a Tier Set Upgrade Token; the Starbringer, High Noble and Kyanite set pieces will upgrade into Battlemage, Amethyst Palladium and Demolisher sets respectively. Additionally, each of the endgame sets will be further upgradable using the Tier Set Upgrade Tokens up to level 6.
Each consecutive upgrade will cost another Tier Set Upgrade Token. For example, upgrading a Starbringer Hat into a Battlemage Hat (Tier 1) will cost 1 Tier Set Upgrade Token; upgrading a Battlemage Hat (Tier 1) into a Battlemage Hat (Tier 2) will cost 2 Tier Set Upgrade Tokens, and so on. With each additional upgrade, the piece of equipment piece will receive additional stats.

A Tier Set Upgrade Token can be obtained for completing the following activities (with a weekly cooldown on each):
» Killing the World Ender, Amirada, Namtar and Gaz'haragoth (each kill rewards a token).
» Completing 20x level 900+ tasks.
» Completing 15x level 25+ dungeons.
» Handing in 10x Demonic Crystals for Trimurti in the Demonborn Valley.

Spawns Rework

At the tail-end of Cyntara v12-s3 we released a special patch that was originally intended to be released with the start of v13. We wanted to perform a live test for the spawn changes in order to receive feedback prior to the start of Cyntara v13. For those that missed the patch notes, the general premise is that instead of "nerfing" a few problematic spawns, we decided to re-evaluate every single spawn and make adjustments. Primarily, hp/exp ratio was addressed as well as respawn rate and spawn density. These changes ended up being less of a definitive "balancing" but more about creating a solid foundation for balancing in the future.
For more information regarding these changes, check out the patch notes from the start of June.


Cyntara will now have a new item type, quivers, that paladins will be able to equip in their ammo slot to store ammunition.
While it may seem like a weird feature since Cyntara has a built-in ammo refill feature, this will allow paladins have the same number of enchantment slots as other vocations while using ammunition that's not infinite (such as Crystal Arrow, Nightfall Arrow or Shatter Bolt).
Quivers come in 3 variants, a basic quiver (12 slots) that every paladin will start with, a regular quiver (32 slots) that players can purchase from the Tool Vendor for 1,000,000 gold and a large quiver (52 slots) that is available in the Cyntara Store.

Charms Changes

Charms are trinket items that provide a method of gaining extra stats. However, over time, a number of powerful endgame charms and event-exclusive charms have been created that are quite powerful; the ability to stack these charms allows players to stack certain stats that are beyond what is reasonable. While there is nothing wrong with powerful endgame charms existing, we want to address this issue and promote more build diversity with charms. In Cyntara v13, players will now only be able to place one type of charm in their charm bag at a time.

Auto Functions Upgrade

At Cyntara's inception, it had always been possible to use a bot to play Cyntara. At times, this was disallowed through the enforcement of Gamemasters; other times, it was openly allowed. Ever since Cyntara adopted its custom client, botting was once again disallowed and ultimately much more difficult due to bot adaptations. With this change, a plethora of Cyntarists had shown their disinterest in playing due to the lack of a bot. Initially, we wanted to evaluate the health of Cyntara without a bot; with a recent survey, we saw that the results pointed toward the outcome that a majority of Cyntara players would like to see a bot built-in to the client. Just as we had initially wanted to evaluate the health of Cyntara without a bot, we felt it worthwhile to evaluate the health of Cyntara with a bot. One major advantage of adding a bot to Cyntara is that the same software is available to all players, and that nobody is excluded from its access.

Cyntara v13 will serve as a trial run for the Cyntara Bot.
We will run a follow up survey before the next season to gather feedback from players on the newly-introduced bot once players get accustomed to them to decide whether the features should be kept, removed or adjusted.

Players will also receive an additional bonus to their experience and loot rate for every auto feature disabled, depending on the feature:
» Healer: +5%
» Sio Healer: +5%
» Targeting: +10%
» Walker: +20%
The Cyntara Bot can be found within the "Auto Features" part of the client.

Changes to Cyntara Coins Refunds

The rate at which Cyntara Coins will be refunded will change this season as a measure to increase the season's longevity. Your account will be refunded:
1. 25% refunded immediately, at the beginning of the season.
2. 25% refunded at level 400.
3. 25% refunded at level 800.
4. 25% refunded at level 1200.

Client Interface Improvements

The Cyntara Client continues to receive improvements to its interface. Cyntara v13 brings a few notable UI improvements and features:
1. Improved Addon NPC UI - a much more clean look to managing the Addon Master NPC.
2. A built-in Highscores chart that can be accessed in-game.
3. Item Interaction Indicators will now "pop up" above player characters when players receive items (this applies to NPC shops, lottery, mining, alchemy, quests, fishing and a number of other features).
4. Perhaps a small quality of life feature more than anything, rows in menus are now more clearly defined by a slight shading difference for improved readability.

Additional Minor Client Changes:

» The chat console will now display rebirths along with levels for player chat messages if the chat option is enabled.
» The Sell All option can now sell up to 65535 items at a time instead of hard capping at 100.
» Updated the Locate NPC feature.
» Fixed an issue where selecting non-discounted offers in the store would display wrong price in the top price label.
» Fixed an issue with a number of newlines in tooltips not working properly.
» The enter key in the main menu will now bring up the login form.
» The Cyntara store will now filter out owned cosmetic offers by default, they can still be gifted by unchecking the filter checkbox.
» Removed a default colliding keybind in Chat Off mode that would cause previously typed messages to be sent when toggling the chat with the Enter key. For existing players, this can be fixed by going to the Keybinds menu, selecting the Chat Off mode, focusing the Send Message entry and pressing the Clear Primary button.
» Hovering earned achievements in the Overview window will now show a tooltip describing how they were earned.
» Fixed a number of text input widgets being editable when they should be read-only.
» Improved item preview in the store window.
» Updated the auto mana burn function to cast Exevo Vita at 50% max mana instead of 80%.
» Added an option to disable outfit effects rendering to the graphics settings.
» Improved automated error reporting to better help us diagnose client issues.
» Fixed an issue with wrong task list widget background.
» Fixed an issue with Container IDs not working properly for last open containers restored on login.
» Fixed an issue with item tooltips throwing an error when hovering certain items used as UI widgets.
» Added dwarven, distance and melee rings to ammo refill.
» Auto private message autoreply feature.
» Auto eat food will now use items from inventory slots as well as containers.

Minor Server Changes:

» The Mighty Weapons daily reward will be now properly delivered to the inbox when players do not have enough room to receive the reward.
» Removed Guardian Boots and Silver Mace from the Loot Trader.
» Rebirthed vocations now once again get 300 soul points (instead of 255 after the hotfix last season).
» The World Ender world boss portal now requires level 800 to enter.
» Players entering the trainers will now face south by default.
» Updated the name verification function of the Renamer NPC.
» Updated how the server save works which should improve the server save times.
» Adjusted a void portal location in the Shadow Dragons spawn.
» Buffs received from Power Runes will no longer expire when entering the temple.
» Rebirth damage bonus is now neutralized when template levels are active.
» Players will now be teleported to a kick position at the task boss entrance instead of the temple on task timeout.
» The following spells will no longer provide their effects while the caster is in phantom state (for instance when dead during a dungeon boss fight): Mirage Archer, Blade Vortex, and Healing Totem.
» Certain non-boss raid monsters guarding bosses will no longer yield experience points.
» The following bosses no longer grant experience on kill: Orshabaal, Ringmaster, and Vlad the Impaler.
» The World Ender will now use unavoidable damage instead of fire damage for his bomb spell.
» Increased the cooldown of the Fortitude spell from 2 minutes to 3 minutes.
» Power Runes will now display a buff cooldown icon when on cooldown.
» Shrines will now display a buff cooldown icon when active.
» Fixed an issue with the !void command displaying conflicting information with regards to Void Realm level compared to Void Invader kill message.
» Improved the !artifact command to let players choose the desired type via the command param:
» Sorcerer: !artifact death, energy and fire.
» Druid: !artifact death, ice and earth.
» Paladin: !artifact bow, crossbow and shield.
» Knight: !artifact club, sword and axe.
» Fixed an issue where the Cleave spell could deal excessive damage under some circumstances.
» Added a Halloween event.
» Rebirth count will now display alongside levels in player description.
» Brewing multiple alchemy elixirs will now properly count multiple times towards the Weekly Quest instead of just once.
» Clusters of Solace will no longer display owned addons on the list.
» Dream Matters will no longer display owned mounts on the list.
» The !online command will now always display the real level instead of template level for players in events.
» The !online command will now display rebirth count next to levels for rebirthed players.
» Fixed an issue with the Overview window displaying wrong state for the Daily Reward entry.
» The Global Experience Boost and Goblin King Global Boost can no longer be active at the same time.
» Adjusted the Artifact Knowledge research ready message to better reflect why players cannot proceed at Level 25.
» Fixed an issue with walkthrough flag not updating properly when players advance levels near other players.
» Fixed an issue with the Full Helmet of the Ancient quest log being incomplete after completing the quest.
» Mind Flayers summoned in events will no longer grant Mind Flayer Points.
» Daily Quests will now reward Play Points.
» Adjusted the Play Points offers and prices.
» Fixed an issue where new players weren't getting blessed on first login.
» Potions now require the target to be the same vocation when used on another player.
» Added 4 DPS dummy monsters to the Duel Arena; these monsters will display your damage per second every second as well as once you finish combat with them.
» Updated The Knife sprite.
» Adjusted the War Arena:
» Increased the arena level from 600 to 1200.
» Adjusted skills and weapon damage to match the new arena level.
» Players can now use runes that require an insignia use inside the arena even if they have not used the insignia outside of the arena.
» Added Frag Tokens as kill rewards in the arena.
» Players can now use potions inside of the arena (with the exception of supreme flavors).
» Updated the items that players receive upon entry.
» Improved daily quests reward handling.
» Fixed a potential issue with Amirada's reward.
» Players can now walk through other players in zones that are explicitly marked as non-PvP.
» Increased the dungeon talisman scaling from 12% health and damage per talisman level to 15% health and damage per talisman level.
» The Alternate Fate quest now rewards knights with a Blessed Shield instead of Kyanite Armor.
» Updated the list of fishing related items that Jason will buy.
» Mining speed now scales with the mining skill level.
» Fixed an issue with some necklaces and rings would lose charges when they should not (introduced late last season).
» Updated the training tile mana burn to cast Exevo Vita at 50% max mana instead of 80%.
» Fixed an issue where attacking certain monsters could inflate personal hit record values.
» Fixed an issue with magic walls with extra animations not displaying the field owner information when looked at.
» Fixed an issue where raids would start if the server was not in an "online" state.
» Increased the damage that Dreadbeasts deal; this will make Hellgorak faster to kill and make the boss slightly more difficult.
» Added the newest outfits, addons, and mounts.
» Added the "supreme" flavor of potions to the Magic Shopkeeper NPC.
» Power Runes are now unlocked by collecting 4 physical items known as "Power Rune Fragments". Each fragment is a "corner" of a power rune emblem. Once all 4 pieces are collected by the player, they must "use" any of the 4 pieces and the Power Rune Fragments will combine into a "Power Rune". Once used, the player will unlock the Power Rune's ability. The main goal was to give Power Runes a physical presence and allow players to trade fragments and build their own Power Rune collection as opposed to just "unlocking" a power rune by chance and/or not noticing.
» Fixed an issue where the "Effectiveness" attribute was not working properly.
» Adjusted Void Invaders experience; the amount of experience gained will now increase with Void Invader level and decrease as the difference in level between the player and the Void Invader portal increases.
» Adjusted Warzone 2 & 3 boss experience.
» Fixed an issue where players would be able to cheese Warzone boss experience and Alchemy 101 boss experience.
» Adjusted Yakchal's mob variety to match the new spawn balance difficulty.
» Removed the Eskimo mini-task requirement to enter Yakchal's crypt.
» Standardized the descriptions of final-tier weapon upgrades.
» Fixed an issue where Oblivion would stay active in the Boss Discovery Scroll after its completion.
» Rewrote the Oblivion mini-world change; the entire instance will now reset once The Gatekeeper is defeated so that the area can be completed more than once per server instance.
» Replaced the "Grave Digger" mob in the Royal Minions spawn with "Gravediggers".
» A number of bosses will now "force spawn" in front of players; this also resolves an issue where players could get stuck in a number of places if a boss is defeated without the player's participation.
» Reworked how stat dampening works; this will improve the consistency between monsters affected by stat dampening and regular monsters.
» Guild war frags will now be broadcast in each guild's channel.
» Fixed an issue with guild wars where they would not end properly unless the winning guild earned the required frag count + 1.
» Increased Rebirth level from 1200 to 1400.

Minor Website Changes:

» Fixed an issue where unpublished patch notes would show up in the website and client changelogs.
» Fixed sidebar markup.
» Fixed an issue with the forum boards not working properly with deleted posts under some circumstances.
» Player deaths on the player view page will now display a parcel icon for death entries that were a result of a push.

Patch History

If this patch note seems smaller to you, it's because a large part of the development of Cyntara v13 was released during the lifespan of Cyntara's surprise quarantine season: Cyntara v12-s3. If you haven't visited Cyntara since Winter of 2019, take a moment to check out what you missed:

» 2nd June 2020 -
» 9th May 2020 -
» 23rd April 2020 -
» 16th April 2020 -
» 13th April 2020 -
» 28th March 2020 -


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Awesome update, can't wait to see next seasons addons!

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