Despite the overwhelming and lasting success of Cyntara v12-s2 the Cyntara Development Team has decided that in light of the current world events involving COVID-19 that we would release a special edition of Cyntara v12 for the large part of our playerbase that is currently under quarantine. Cyntara v12-s3 will be released March 29, 2020.

However, while we mentioned that there would be no significant content changes, we still had some minor changes ready in the pipeline.
Some of them were released on 25th as a pre-patch to test some things out, while some will be released on Sunday with the new season.
These are the combined patchnotes from the 25th March pre-patch as well as changes that will be released proper on Sunday.

Tips from the World Health Organization - COVID-19

» Wash your hands frequently.
» Avoid touching your face.
» Sneeze and cough into a tissue or your elbow.
» Avoid crowds and standing near others.
» Stay home if you think you might be sick.
» If you have a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, follow advice given by your government's health authority.

Smooth Experience Stages

The experience stages will no longer be drastic cut-offs at certain levels. Now, after each level advance, the experience stage will be adjusted at a very minor rate. This way, the game will not feel like you are losing out on large amounts of experience just because a level milestone was reached.

Friendly Fire Protection

One of commonly asked questsions was how to not deal damage to your party and guild members.
With this release we're adding friendly fire protection so that players will not deal any damage to their party and guild members.
This however would normally have negative effect on PvP and as such, as soon as either party engages in a PvP situation, the friendly fire protection is forfeit.

Minor server changes

» Added quest logs to almost every quest.
» Increased the maximum Soul Points from 200 to 300 for rebirthed players.
» Adjusted the Goblin King experience bonuses, the personal and global bonus experience rate has been reduced from 50% to 25% and the prices have been increased.
» Added Chisel Stacking Tool. The tool can be used on a stack of Blacksmith's Chisels to consume the chisels and add charges to the tool. It can then be used on an item to add quality based on the stored charges. This will reduce the clutter with Blacksmith's Chisels storage as well as allow players to improve the quality of their Artifact Weapons. The tool can be purchased from the Tool Vendor.
» Fixed an issue with the Healing Totem not working as intended sometimes.
» Fixed an issue with some on death achievements not working properly if a player logged out while a monster was still alive.
» Added more descriptive error messages to store unlockables.
» The Wise Man will now accept all Medicine Pouches just like Ottokar instead of one by one.
» Fixed an issue with the First Ceremonial Garb addon requiring wrong items.
» Fixed an issue with the Gaz'Haragoth Doll not working properly when equipped.
» Removed Behemoths from the medium Prey Task, they were added twice, once in medium and once in the hard tier while intended to be only in the hard tier.
» Fixed a corner case where the !afk command could break.
» Adjusted the damage of Exori Gran Ico spell in PvP (again).
» Optimized the server save time.
» Added Prey perk rerolls.

Minor client changes

» Fixed an issue with the Alchemy Window not recognizing all ingredients players have.
» Fixed an issue with the the Store Window displaying pre-discount price in the store when selecting a discounted offer (this was purely a visual bug).
» Fixed an issue with the Sell All option not taking sell blacklist into account.
» Added missing icons to the Server Activity Window.
» Improved the player overview window.
» Added disconnected VIP state, players that are xlogged will now display as orange.
» Added missing Prey tiers to the task tracker.
» Search boxes will now automatically be focused when a window that supports search functionality is shown.
» Chat input will no longer be cleared when changing between chat modes.
» Spawn guides now contain rebirth information.
» Spell casting from auto functions will now ignore level requirements for rebirthed characters.
» The Ignore List will now automatically enable when adding a first entry from the player context menu.
» Fixed an issue with the auto reconnect feature not working properly when the server is temporarily closed.
» Fixed an issue with average ping probes not resetting when changing proxies.
» Updated the client artwork and reworked the main menu.

Patch History

For those of you that are joining us for this quarantine season, here is a list of changes from the start of v12-s2.

» 18th December 2019 -
» 20th December 2019 -
» 27th December 2019 -
» 3rd January 2020 -
» 10th January 2020 -
» 18th January 2020 -
» 1st February 2020 -
» 16th February 2020 -
» 25th March 2020 -
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