01 Jul 20 05:35 PM
  • Removed unfair fight reduction from PvP death loss, players will now lose the same amount of experience in PvP as they do in PvE.
  • Removed unfair fight reduction for PvP experience gain.
  • Adjusted Soul Orb drop rate from Shadow Dragons and added Soul Orbs to Undead Dragons loot table.
  • Reduced reward chest damage quota based on connected player count (25% of the original value for 200 players, 50% of the original for 150 players and 75% of the original value for 100 players).
  • Made further adjustments to spawns, more details about the changes can be found in this forum post.
  • Adjusted solo dungeon level requirement from level 800 to level 650.
  • Fixed an issue with the first round of Mortal Kombat not working properly.
  • Players will now receive gold discount for purchasing magic shop supplies outside of temple.
  • Fixed an issue with AFK zombie kicking not working properly in the Infected event.
  • Fixed an event where players could leave the Infected event with invalid resistances.
  • Adjusted Energy Wall attacks.
  • Changed stamina half exp threshold time from 32 hours to 8 hours.
  • Adjusted fishing rate for Great Rod and Super Rod.
  • Power Rune fragments can now be stacked.
  • Adjusted paladin and knight skills in the war arena.
  • Fixed an issue with the quiver enchants not removing stats sometimes.
  • Updated the paladin set bundle with quiver and store offer description.
  • Tier set items no longer require the Alternate Fate promotion to equip.
  • The !changesex command no longer consume premium days. It still has a premium requirement though and now instead has a 24 hour cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue with the Addon Master not working properly.

  • Magic effects related to creatures will now follow them instead of being left behind on the tile.
  • Throwing items will now show throw animation. This option can be disabled in graphics options.
  • Selecting healer and auto healer entries will now enter edit mode similar to targeting and walker.
  • Reduced the duration of texts on the screen and the speed at which the text queue is processed.
  • Added an option to disable onscreen message queue, disabling the queue will make new messages instantly replace previous messages.
  • Party and guild members are now ignored by auto targeting when the "ignore when players are nearby" is selected.
  • Look IDs option will now also display Item IDs in item tooltips.
  • Removed blinking effect from client notifications.
  • Fixed a misleading tooltip in interface options.
  • The addons window will no longer display mounts and companions in addon preview.

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