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13 Dec 21 09:22 PM
Winter has come again! Cyntara is back December 17, 2021 with the second season of v14.


Cyntara v14-s2 will feature a Talent system that allows players collect and allocate Talent Points and spend them in order to earn passive skills and abilities. Talents are split into four categories: Offensive, Defensive, Utility, and Legendary. Talent Points are awarded upon completion of any quest in Cyntara, including spawn quest chests. Talent Points awarded depend on the level and difficulty of the quest; a minimum of 1 Talent Point is awarded for low level quests, and a maximum of 3 Talent Points are awarded for higher level quests. Talent Points can only be used to unlock skills and abilities in the Offensive, Defensive, and Utility categories.
Further, end-game activities that reward Tier Set Upgrade Tokens will also grant Legendary Talent Experience. Upon obtaining 100 Legendary Talent Experience, players will be awarded 1 Legendary Talent Point and the Legendary Talent Experience counter will reset. Legendary Talent Points can be used to unlock Talents in the "Legendary" category.
Finally, it is possible to "Respec" your Talent Points in the event that you want to rework your Talents or if you want to try various combinations of talents. In order to "Respec" your Talent Points, you must first obtain Elixirs of Regret; Elixirs of Regret can be obtained from various mid-game and end-game activities.

Expanded Map View

Cyntara v14-s2 will sport a new Expanded Map View; this change brings a slight increase to the visible game area. All monsters/spectators/game features will respect the new Expanded Map View. For those of you that would prefer the old map view, you can toggle the option in the game client settings (Graphics -> Enable Classic Map View).
Keep in mind that enabling smaller view will still let other player and monsters still see you from a farther distance!

Dungeon Finder

Dungeons continue to be statistically the most popular features on Cyntara; in light of this, this winter will bring another quality-of-life improvement to the Dungeon experience - by adding a Dungeon Finder feature for non-Talisman dungeons!
Players will now be able to enter the Dungeon Finder queue anywhere by selection Community -> Dungeon Finder from the top menu (as long as you are not in combat, entering combat will automatically leave the queue).
Once a team is found, and every team member accepts the confirmation prompt, players will be teleported to a random non-Talisman dungeon.

Cursed Chests

Cursed Chests are a special type of loot container that can now be dropped by any monster in the world of Cyntara upon their death. A Cursed Chest is always dropped on the map near the corpse of the monster that was slain. The killer of the monster that dropped the Cursed Chest has 15 seconds to open it before it disappears. If the player is able to open the Cursed Chest, it will release its evil spirit and the chest will begin to spawn waves of monsters of a similar difficulty to the original monster slain. After a number of waves, the player that opened the Cursed Chest has a limited amount of time to kill the remaining monsters spawned by the Cursed Chest; if this player is successful in defeating every monster from the waves, they will be granted the reward of the Cursed Chest if they choose to open it again.
Drop chance is affected by:
    » Monster Level: The higher the monster's level, the higher the chance for it to drop a Cursed Chest.
    » The Player's Cursed Chest Find Bonus: Equipment pieces can yield increased Cursed Chest Find Bonus.
    » Monster Empowered/Infused Status: A monster that is Empowered or Infused will have a higher chance to drop a Cursed Chest.
The following criteria disqualifies a monster from dropping Cursed Chests:
    » Monsters below level 50.
    » Monsters flagged as bosses or summons.
    » Monsters that are not hostile toward players.
    » Monsters that are spawned artificially (ie. from a Cursed Chest, quests like Battle Tower, etc.)
    » A number of event-specific monsters.
    » The Player's Cursed Chest Find Bonus: Equipment pieces can yield increased Cursed Chest Find Bonus.
    » Monster Empowered/Infused Status: A monster that is Empowered or Infused will have a higher chance to drop a Cursed Chest.
Rewards from Cursed Chests are random and depend on the level of the Cursed Chest that is completed. It is also worth noting that a Cursed Chest can only be activated and therefore completed by the player that killed the monster that spawned it; this player's name is inscribed in the Cursed Chest to help prevent ambiguity. If, however, a Cursed Chest is completed by the player successfully and they do not open it within 60 seconds either intentionally or for other reasons, the Cursed Chest is then free to be opened by any player; it will not disappear once completed until it is opened.

Item Corruption

Perhaps one of the most noteworthy rewards from Cursed Chests are Corruption Shards. Corruption Shards can be combined together in order to create Corruption Orbs.
Corruption Orbs can be used on any inventory item (including infinite ammo and charms) to produce one of the following item modification outcomes:
    1. The item disappears.
    2. The item gets marked as corrupted and nothing happens.
    3. The item gets marked as corrupted and its stats get scrambled to significant values.
    4. The item gets marked as corrupted and receives additional 2 stats (or additional bonus values to existing stats).
Items marked as corrupted can no longer be corrupted again or be modified anymore through quality or enchants; this sets an item to its final state and is only recommended to be performed at your own risk.

Character Market

Cyntara is expanding on its successful Item Market from last season with a simple Character Market. Players will now be able to safely and securely sell their characters on the Character Market in exchange for Cyntara Coins. By Inspecting the offer, you will be able to see a general Overview of the character, as well as its current Inventory, Quests, Outfits, Mounts, and unlocked Cosmetics. In order to sell a character, the follow criteria must be met:
    » The character must be level 250 or higher.
    » The character must not be in a guild.
    » The character must not have any active item market offers.
    » The character must not have any active frags.
    » The character must not own a house.
    » The character must not be a staff character.
Purchasing a character will transfer Cyntara Coins from your account to the seller's account (minus a 3% fee) and automatically move the character onto your account once you have selected a new name for the character.

Further Quality-of-Life Changes

Depot Search
    » The depot search functionality now allows searching for items based on their associated tags instead of names.
    » To search for items matching a tag, simply start the search with the @ sign followed by the tag name.
    » The full list of tags can be seen by hovering the [?] button next to the search field.
    » Additionally, depot search items will now display their stats on hover (for search results under certain result count threshold).
In-Game Armory
    » The Armory that appears on the Cyntara website will now be available to players through the game client.
Duration/Charges Display
    » Items with charges and duration will now display their charges and duration in place of item count.
NPC Trade
    » The NPC Trade window has been completely overhauled.
    » The Buy tab now contains a search field and has convenience shortcuts for buying stacks of 100, 250 and 500 items of once.
    » The Sell tab now displays the total value of sold items and has an "autosell" option that will automatically sell all eligible items to the NPC when the NPC Trade window opens.
    » Added a new Autobuy tab that can be used to manage a list of item IDs and counts to automatically purchase when opening the NPC trade window.
    » The Sell Blacklist can now be managed from within the NPC Trade window instead of just item context menus.
Loot Stack
    » Added a new context menu option, "Loot Stack". The option will automatically loot all corpses on a stack according to the Auto Looter exclusion/inclusion lists (or all items if neither is enabled).
    » Additionally, the built-in Auto Looter feature will now also use the Loot Stack option internally instead of opening corpses.
Simple Locate House
    » Added a simple Locate House feature. After choosing the desired house, a familiar window with the guide arrow from Locate NPC feature will appear.

Minor Server Changes

» Added Achievement highscores.
» Added item popover icon when earning Achievement Points.
» The Sell-All Tool will now show the total stack count sold.
» Fixed an issue where the NPC Corrupted Priest would reward players with excessive experience points for turning in Essences of Dread.
» Adjusted the drop rate of the Essence of Dread item.
» Adjusted the drop rate of the Power Tab item from the boss: Minotaur Cult Leader.
» Distance weapons now all have uniform full-screen range.
» Adjusted the Rust Remover outcomes.
» Fixed an issue where blacklisted runes and spells could be used in the Nazi Zombies event.
» Fixed an issue with Legendary Warriors spawning at 89% health.
» Adjusted the prices of some store offers.
» Global Loot and Global Raid Boosts will now be disabled for 3 days since season start.
» Holiday event NPCs will now spawn without the need for a server restart.
» Adjusted the drop rate and Divination Card requirements for Starbringer-tier equipment pieces.
» Changed the duration of the World Boss events from 6 hours to 12 hours.
» Fixed an issue where players could end up being teleported to the World Ender timeout location hours after defeating the boss.
» Mortal Kombat changes:
    » Adjusted the experience rate upper-bounds.
    » Fixed an issue where the round timer would not reset when all mobs had been successfully killed in certain circumstances.
    » Added a feature for the event to automatically end if players are somehow removed from the Arena or if the players stop participating.
» Raid System improvements:
    » Lowered the required active players online from 50 to 15 for Orshabaal raid.
    » If a Global Raid Boost is active, the weight of player online count will be weighed less when considering whether to successfully start raids; this should help improve the value of the Global Raid Boost in the off-season.
    » Improved raids auto-cleanup functionality.
    » Added an auto-cleanup to most raids (between 1-12 hours depending on raid location, difficulty, and rarity).

Minor Client Changes

» Added an UI indicator for owned items.
» Adjusted the top menu icons.
» Fixed an issue with Inventory inspect window preserving old state between inspecting different players.
» Improved the UI tooltips.
» Improved the look of Text List elements in the Overview window.
» Fixed an issue with the "Smart Loot" option always being enabled regardless of the checkbox state.
» The client will now start maximized on first launch.
» Added spell name to Action Bar button tooltips (this will only apply to newly configured buttons).

Patch History

For more details regarding changes since the start of last season, check out our latest patch notes:
» 23rd September 2021 -
» 26th August 2021 -
» 20th August 2021 -
» 9th August 2021 -
» 6th August 2021 -
» 29th July 2021 -
» 4th July 2021 -
» 25th June 2021 -


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