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14 Jun 22 10:58 AM
Cyntara v15 will launch June 17, 2022 at 4 PM EST (10 PM GMT+2).

New World Boss - Eye of the Jailer

We continue our work on providing players with new challenges, Cyntara v15 will feature a new World Boss, the Eye of the Jailer, with its own AI mechanics that require players to cooperate and not bruteforce the fight.
The Eye of the Jailer will spawn in rotation with Amirada, the World Ender, Shaper, and Entropy Disruptor. This world boss portal can be found inside the Vampire spawn.

ARAM Event
Cyntara v15 will feature its first new automatic event since 2019 - ARAM! In this event, Orcs will face off against Minotaurs once again in a battle to destroy the enemy's Nexus. But, before the enemy's Nexus can be made vulnerable, rival turrets and an inhibitor must first be destroyed in order. The team to destroy the other's nexus first will be declared the winner!
Initially, this event will run based on Event Manager discretion but after some tuning will be made into the standard event rotation.

Quality-of-Life Improvements / Expansions of Current Systems
In v15, rather than adding another new system, we decided to pause for a season and instead work on improving and expanding existing systems.

    Null Realms
    • Null Realms are an extension of Void Realms that can be entered once every 6 Level 1400 Void Realms completed.
    • A Null Realm also requires a Level 100 Mythic rarity charm to be sacrificed to enter.
    • Completing a Null Realm guarantees a Mythic Charm with enhanced stats.
    Artifact Changes
    • The Artifact Weapon level limit has been increased from 50 to 60.
    • A new Artifact Weapon tier, Supreme Artifact Weapon, now unlocks at level 60, and the tiers have been adjusted to level 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 (from 5, 15, 30, and 50).
    • Artifact Spell Power and Artifact Spell Rank have been reworked into Artifact Talents (as part of the existing talent system). Token and kill experience will now go towards Artifact Talent Experience instead.
    • Fixed damage discrepancy between Artifact Wand and Artifact Rods.
    • In order to advance past Artifact Weapon level 48 players will have to earn the "Savior" achievement which requires players to kill each of the World Bosses.
    Cursed Grove
    • Successfully completing high level Cursed Chest events will now grant players points towards the Cursed Grove entry.
    • The Cursed Grove is a new instanced mini-event that can be entered either solo or by a group of up to 4 players.
    • The event involves killing waves of monsters (similar to Cursed Chests) with increasing difficulty.
    • In the Cursed Grove, players will be given a choice after each wave to decide in which way they want to increase the difficulty of the next monster wave.
    Treasure Vault & Item Caches
    • The Treasure Vault is a special location that can be reached through a portal that can randomly spawn upon killing a Treasure Hoarder.
    • Killing the Vault Goblin guarantees a large Cyntara Coin drop on top of regular Treasure Hoarder drops.
    • Treasure Hoarders will no longer spew large amounts of items on the ground; instead, they will award players with a new item type called an "Item Cache". Item Caches will award players with random rewards based on the cache type upon opening.
    Prey Protections
    • Rerolling a prey monster list will now guarantee a new set of monsters.
    • Prey Tasks now also have internal vocation filters that ensure players cannot roll Prey monsters that are impossible (or neigh impossible) for their vocation to hunt.
    Mining Improvements
    • Replaced static ore types with Tutorial, Common, and Rare ore types.
    • Ore rewards are now based on area difficulty, mining skill, and chance.

Minor Server Changes
  • Adjusted Talent perks.
    • Talents that provide increase to damage combat type now grant 0.5% increased damage per rank instead of 1%.
    • Talents that provide increase to damage against target race now grant 0.5% increased damage per rank instead of 1%.
    • The Rolling Crits talent now only increases the critical strike chance against monster targets.
    • The Critical Damage talent now only adds the extra base critical damage value against monster targets.
    • Added new Talents that provide raw Luck, Cooldown Reduction, and Mana Cost Reduction stats.
    • Added a new Legendary Talent, Indestructible, that provides monster damage immunity for 4 seconds when dealt a fatal blow from a monster hit.
    • Added a Talent Point reward from the Paralyze Insignia quest in the Yielothax spawn.
  • Adjusted Power Shrine buffs.
    • Reduced the Mana Cost Reduction buff from 8% to 6%.
    • Reduced the Boss Damage from 10% to 5% and Damage Boss Reduction from 15% to 10%.
    • Reduced the combat type damage buffs from 10% to 5%.
    • Fixed the healing buff granting 10% healing instead of 5% despite the description saying 5%.
  • Adjusted values of spell damage altering charms.
    • Divine Caldera, Eternal Winter, Hell's Core, Bloodstrike, Fierce Berserk, Speedy Caldera, Supreme Divine Missile, Supreme Ethereal Spear, Ultimate Ethereal Spear: 10% => 5%
    • Energy Wave, Terra Wave, Soul Energy Wave, Soul Terra Wave: 15% => 10%
  • Removed Task Boss monster experience. The task bosses had inconsistent experience values, some granting very little experience poinmts, some granting excessive experience points. The experience reward part of the task should come from handing in the task itself and not further extend to the task bosses since it can already account for things like base monster experience, daily reward bonuses and such.
  • Adjusted how task experience reward multipliers are applied, fixing an issue with task experience reward bonuses granting excessive experience points for finishing tasks.
  • Adjusted the loot and task point cost of 1k+ task bosses.
  • Adjusted Power Shrine perks.
  • Adjusted Initiation Quest mobs.
  • Added Tier Set Upgrade Token reward for completing high level Cursed Chests.
  • Tier Set equipment will become bound to the character that upgraded the piece. The item ownership can be cleared using the Tier Set Reclaimer Tool for a fee. This addresses a loophole where players would farm tokens on multiple characters then move pieces around to upgrade them at an accelerated pace while still allowing for trading their pieces away for a fee.
  • Update the Home Decorator NPC to display the furniture package contents in the trade window.
  • Deprecate Renamer NPC in favor of Name Change Application item.
  • Adjusted damage type stats to apply damage bonuses to monsters only.
  • Removed the protection zone restriction from the Alchemy system.
  • Added Cooldown Reduction stat to Alchemy and Ring Crafting.
  • Added an item batch limit when redeeming reward chest rewards.
  • Added NPC Crystal that trades Opal for Premium House Decorations.
  • Added new stats to the Corruption system.

Patch History

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