11 Jul 19 03:58 AM
Rebirth Changes

The rebirth has been completely detached from the "An Alternate Fate" quest; players will no longer have to complete the quest in order to receive a rebirth from Queen Yvonne. We felt that requiring two additional players in order to rebirth, coupled with the fact that these same players would not be able to help other players after getting their level reset, felt like a hard stop to solo character progression. The "An Alternate Fate" quest will still provide its item rewards (Final Showdown Insignia, Shatter Bolt, and Kyanite Armor).

The max rebirth limit has been increased to 20 and each subsequent rebirth will result in slightly slower experience gain. Players will additionally gain 15 levels worth of base hp/mana per rebirth. Players will still receive all of the previous benefits from rebirthing as well.

Void Invaders, Void Realms & Cursed Charms

Void Invaders are a new type of mini-boss raids on Cyntara that come in 6 different flavors. You can find portals to their domains randomly in all spawns in Cyntara. The difficulty of the Void Invader will be scaled according to the spawn level. The objective is to find and defeat at least 4 Void Invaders in order to be granted access to the Void Realm. Void Realms are dungeon-like instances that can be entered through the south part of the teleport room either solo or in a party of up to 4 players; only the realm progression of the leader will be consumed upon entry so that players can do party-wise rotations. The difficulty of monsters and the boss automatically scales depending on the Void Realm level as well as the party size. Upon completion, players will be rewarded with a Cursed Charm.

Cursed Charms are a new type of charms on Cyntara that are exclusive drops from the Void Realms. Players can only ever equip a single Cursed Charm at a time however they can be mixed with regular charms. Cursed Charms come in three tiers: Magic, Rare and Mythic which dictate the number of stat modifiers a charm can receive. The rarity weights depend on the Void Realm level, with Magic charms being more common for lower level Void Realms and Mythic being more common for higher level Void Realms. The Cursed Charms also have an item level that's inherited from the Void Realm level which dictates the type of stats the charm can roll as well as the stat values. A Cursed Charm can have a maximum of 2 prefix stats and 2 suffix stats (Mythic tier); the possible combination of Cursed Charms that a player can obtain are plentiful. Additionally, unwanted Cursed Charms can be sacrificed to contribute towards your next Void Realm level.

Hall of Heroes

The first players of every season that accomplish certain feats will now have their name immortalized on Cyntara forever. Upon completion of the feat, the player name will be etched onto a statue in the Hall of Heroes where it will persist through future seasons.

Feats currently available:
    » First Sorcerer level 1200.
    » First Druid level 1200.
    » First Paladin level 1200.
    » First Knight level 1200.
    » First Artifact Level 40.
    » First to collect 55 full outfits.
    » First to collect 80 mounts.
    » First team to beat a level 30 dungeon.
    » First player to complete all quests in the questlog.
    » First player to rebirth 5.

Inventory Changes

As with any large content updated, the stats of many, many items have been adjusted. Some notable changes include:

» Items obtained from quests are now more valuable compared to items obtained from monster spawns.
» Gill Boots and Spellbook of Vigilance have been added to Gnomission's store.
» Gill and Prismatic equipment from the Warzones now provide increased damage vs. bosses.
» Inquisition quest rewards now provide the highest value of death protection.
» Deepling boss equipment boast increased boss damage reduction and endurance.
» The Four Swords Quest rewards have been adjusted; you are now rewarded with a charm (Holy Scarab, Holy Falcon, Holy Tible, or the Holy Serpent Crest).
» Three new sets added: Battlemage set, Amethyst Palladium set, Demolisher set.

Monster Spawn Changes

Version 12 features an extensive overhaul to monster spawns. A plethora of existing spawns had their level requirement adjusted. For example, Elves are now a level 250 hunting spawn and features a new creature, the Elf Pyromancer. Also, pirates are now a level 300 hunting spawn with two new creatures, the Pirate Ghost and Pirate Skeleton. These examples are only a small tidbit of the many spawn that were adjusted. We believe that these spawn adjustments will diversify the hunting spawns available to players.

A keen eye was given toward balancing monsters. Players will notice that the speed, damage, experience, and mechanics of each spawn was adjusted. One example is that the underwater walking speed was increased significantly. Another, that the Maze of Lost Souls that was required to gain access to hunt Warlocks was removed. The level requirements to hunt deeper within the Serpent Spawn and Wyrm spawns were removed. Mechanics such as creatures running away, attacking abilities, such as drunk and AoE manadrain, were also adjusted. Behemoths were removed from the Cyclops spawn, Dragon Lords were removed from the Dragon spawn, Ancient Scarabs will drop Scarab Coins for the HotA quest are of a few notable examples.

Finally, we are pleased to announce that v12 will feature seven new spawns:
    » [Level 400] Ancient Scarabs
    » [Level 500] Lava Dragons
    » [Level 500] Crystal Dragons
    » [Level 600] Infernal Battlemages
    » [Level 800] Ogres
    » [Level 900] Insectoids
    » [Level 1000 - Rebirth 2] Demonborn Valley.

Of these seven spawns, four of these spawns are geared towards team hunting. Mentioning team hunting, we have balanced the already existing team hunting spawns including Demons, Legendary Warriors, Mad Mages, Ice Miners and the Arid Plateau, along with the new team hunting spawns, Crystal Spiders, Behemoths, Lava Dragons, Crystal Dragons, Ogres, and the Demonborn Valley. We believe these changes will encourage players to team hunt in both early game and late game. Along with these new hunting spawns, the Pits of Inferno bosses were added to their respective seals including - The Handmaiden, The Plasmother, The Imperor, Mr. Punish, Massacre, Countess Sorrow, and Dracola.

Quest Changes

» Added a new quest: The Beastslayer Arena.
» Reduced the required Essences of Dread for the Cursed Ruins quest from 1000 to 500.
» Adjusted the health and healing of the Queen of the Banshee.
» Adjusted the monsters in the Astral Plane quest.
» Death Spawns will no longer spawn in Annihilon's room when the boss is dead.
» The Inquisition Quest bosses will now always spawn when players enter their respective boss rooms.
» Players will now be automatically teleported out of the boss rooms in the Inquisition Quest when killing the boss.
» Lowered the required level to enter the 2nd and 3rd Warzones.
» Gill Boots and Spellbook of Vigilance are now purchasable from Gnomission in exchange for Major Crystalline Tokens.
» Fixed an issue with Warzone statue rewards not being as random as they should be.
» Increased the amount of Crystalline Tokens received for completing Warzones.
» Decreased the difficulty of the second and third Warzones.
» Decreased the difficulty of final Wrath of the Emperor bosses and decreased the mob count in the room prior to the bosses.
» Decreased the number of mobs in the large room prior to the Wrath of the Emperor boss portals.
» Adjusted the Four Swords quest reward to provide players with a spell-altering charm rather than boots.
» Adjusted the Forgotten Spell quest to provide players with their ultimate buff spell as opposed to an offensive spell.
» Each Pits of Inferno seal now has the chance to silently spawn its respective boss monster, which may drop a rare charm.
» Buddy's Dragon task has been changed to a Dragon Hatchling task in order to account for adjusted creature difficulty.
» All creatures found in the Full HotA quest now have a chance to drop Scarab Coins.
» The Crystal of Power reward from Marathon Man Chan has been made into a charm with useful stats.
» Fixed an issue where players could logout near Daily Quest Rewards and open the chest every 20 hours without returning to the temple.
» Adjusted Daily Quest Rewards.
» The item turn-in count requirement for Frezellar Island, Eidola Island, and Allu will now decrease as the season ages.

Companions & Footprints

As you may have noticed in the screenshots prior, players will now have the opportunity to roam the lands of Cyntara with a Companion flying by their side.
Players will also have the ability to unlock footprints that look like Outfit Effects that will trail their characters.
The Companions and Footprints are solely cosmetic at this time and can be purchased through the Cyntara Store.


We've also implemented a lot of new features, improvements and bug fixes to the client. Continue reading for a full list of over 25 client changes.

» Added an "Overview" feature that allows you to view advanced statistics about your character.
» Added an "Inspect" feature that allows you to view advanced statistics about other characters.
» The client will now reopen the last open backpacks together with their last known panels and height.
» Added customizable client keybinds with over 40 user-customizable actions.
» Added a "Save account & password" function to the client.
» Added an "Auto login on startup" function to the client.
» Moved the depot customize button to the window titlebar.
» Modal windows will now close when a player moves instead of lingering in an unusable state.
» Added an option to filter guild members from the battle list.
» Removed the UI framerate slider.
» The spell list in the actionbar is now sorted alphabetically by name.
» Fixed an issue that caused the client to glitch sometimes after opening private chat channels.
» Console navigation hotkeys (CTRL+H, CTRL+E, Tab, Shift+Tab) will now properly be ignored when the chat console is minimized.
» Console history navigation hotkeys (Shift+Up, Shift+Down) will now properly be ignored when the chat console is disabled.
» Items can now be added to sell blacklist via the item context menu. Blacklisted items will not appear in the sell tab of the NPC trade window which should prevent players from accidentally selling items they intend to keep.
» Available sell items in the NPC trade window are now sorted alphabetically by name.
» Improved how item dragging between container is handled which should effectively make the process of relocating items smoother.
» The ignore list can now be open using the CTRL+I keyboard shortcut.
» Fixed an issue with the ignore list not saving properly.
» Added reconnect auto function.
» Fixed an issue with the chat toggle hotkeys misfiring sometimes.
» Added VIP groups. Currently there are 3 default groups: Friends, Enemies, and Others. We will consider adding customizable groups in the future.
» Added a context menu option to VIP entries to cast Exiva on the VIP player.
» Added support for character name aliases; players will now be able to change how another player's name appears in-game through the Battle window.
» Switching between Chat On and Chat Off modes will now correctly unbind actionbar button hotkeys if there's no hotkey assigned to the alternate version of the button.
» Removed the magic shield auto function.
» Reworked the action progress bar to prevent the timer from diverging.
» Reworked the spell cooldown icons to prevent the cooldown indicator from diverging from the actual cooldown time for spells with long cooldowns.
» Fixed an issue that caused the game screen to glitch when players were getting paralyzed under some circumstances.
» Fixed an issue with the depot customization not working properly with multiple open depot containers.
» Hotkey targeting will no longer try to target creatures behind walls and unreachable areas. The old behavior can be restored in the options menu.
» Fixed an issue with attack and follow squares not showing when attacking and following creatures filtered from the battle list.
» It is now possible to change the target backpack for items added to the inclusion list in the looter without having to remove and re-add the item.
» Improved the character Outfit window and added more options.
» Tooltips will now properly automatically update when the tooltip text changes without the need to hover out and in again.
» Fixed an issue that caused the client to display 100% extra on top of the intended experience rate (this was purely visual).
» Added buff and debuff icons on the right side of the cooldown bar that display a visual indicator for active buffs and debuffs. Currently supported features:
    » Items: Experience Fish, Soul Potions, Zydrate, Alchemy Elixirs.
    » Event Points: Lucky Aura, Experience Bonus.
    » Daily Reward: Lucky Aura, Experience Bonus.
    » Spells: Cleave, Corruption, Thunder Storm, Concentration, Grand Concentration, Healing Totem, Fortitude, Transcend, Blood Rage, Sharpshooter, Invisible, Protector, Swift Foot.
    » Dungeons: Necrotic Stacks.
    » Let us know if you think there's anything that should be on this list but is not.
» Fixed an issue with effects sometimes lingering on their last frame for a few minutes instead of disappearing when they should.
» Updated the field list for the "Allow map click to path over fields" option.

Additional Server Changes

» Buffs from Zydrate, Alchemy and Shrines will no longer expire when finishing a dungeon or entering the temple.
» Marked a number of collectible items as stackable.
» Added mount collection health bonus.
» Adjusted the stats of numerous items.
» All players that attacked a boss will now get credit towards their Weekly Quest: Kill Bosses.
» Dungeon bosses will no longer count towards the Weekly Quest: Kill Bosses progress.
» Experience gained from dungeons will now scale with the level of the Dungeon Talisman.
» Utility elixirs can now be simultaneously used with either offensive or defensive elixirs.
» Players now have a chance to brew additional elixirs instead of one based on their Alchemy skill level.
» The prices of creature products at the Task Master will now scale with the task rank.
» Updated the addon item drop list for the Explosive Dragon and Treasure Hoarders to account for the new outfit addon requirements.
» The experience gained from completing tasks will now scale with the task rank.
» Fixed an issue with Furyosa not using her solar flare field attack under certain conditions.
» Sorcerers and druids will now receive a permanent magic shield on login which can be toggled anytime using the !magicshield command. The Energy Shield ("Utamo Vita") spell has been removed.
» Energy Rings now provide +7 magic levels and 150 mana regeneration/second, their duration has been lowered from 10 minutes down to 5 minutes. They can only be equipped by sorcerers and druids now. Power Rings now provide +7 distance fighting skill and 150 mana regeneration/second. Sword/Axe/Club Rings now provide an additional 150 mana regeneration/second.
» The following raids no longer require a minimum amount of players online to start: Ferumbras, Ghazbaran, Jesters, Mindfk, Ringmaster, Vlad, Cosmic Reaver and Gaz'Haragoth.
» Players will no longer be able to add experience to their Artifact Weapon when they reach maximum Artifact Level. Artifact Power Tokens will then grant experience points instead.
» Increased mana regeneration of Life Rings and added health regeneration, armor, death protection and physical protection stats.
» Increased mana regeneration of Rings of Healing and added health regeneration, armor, death protection and physical protection stats.
» Experience fish will no longer instantly expire when players logout or die.
» Fixed an issue with pumpkin carving having unintended side effects.
» Deepling bosses and Warzone bosses will now attempt to respawn every minute instead of once every five minutes.
» Removed promotion requirement from Snowballs, Spellwands and Zaoan Legs.
» Vampire Silk Slippers can now have their quality improved with Blacksmith's Chisels.
» Updated some outdated map marks.
» Fixed numerous player-reported map errors.
» Reduced the experience rate bonus from Rainbow Trout and Green Perch to +75% and +100% respectively.
» Fixed an issue that caused the Event Points offers for experience rate to grant wrong bonus values.
» Fixed an issue where the Boss Discovery Scroll would not properly show which raids were active under certain circumstances.
» Increased the max number of Treasure Hoarders and Shrines.
» Clusters of Solace and Dream Matter will now work as a currency toward full outfits and mounts, respectively; both items can now be obtained in-game in a multitude of ways.
» The !promote command will now display accurate information again.
» Added all of the newest outfits and mounts.
» Added the newest outfits to the Outfit Changer Voodoo Doll.


» Added rebirth highscores.
» Added outfit collection highscores.
» Added mount collection highscores.
» Players can now automatically connect their Discord accounts on their account page to receive the rank on the Discord server.
» Fixed the character online time display.

Patch History
For those of you that haven't been around for too long or missed parts of the previous season, here is a list of past patches to get you up on speed with what changes have been made to Cyntara throughout the season.

» 11th April 2019 -
» 16th March 2019 -
» 9th March 2019 -
» 2nd March 2019 -
» 23rd February 2019 -
» 17th February 2019 -
» 13th February 2019 -
» 10th February 2019 -


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